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Next generation enterprise search – for small and large companies. That is the solution we stand for.

Who is behind searchIT?

A strong international company – Iphos IT Solutions


Iphos IT Solutions is an international company which redefines the topic “Enterprise Search” for enterprises. With the launch of searchIT, the company positions itself as a sustainable innovator in the industry. Founded in Vienna in 1998, Iphos IT Solutions also operates from Sofia (Bulgaria). The services in the fields of ITSM, software and web development are distributed in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Bulgaria. Ing. Christoph Wendl, together with Lyubomir Ivanov as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) head the company and respond to the current challenges of IT with innovative solutions. 

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up to 10,000 documents

45,- €

per month


up to 100,000 documents

from 190,- €

per month


up to 1,000,000,000 documents

on request



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