Content Based Cluster Search Engine


Our top enterprise search engine clusters your search results by content. Find related content faster and stay on top of things. Always. The various application options speak for themselves.

Search Result Clustering by Content

Our search engine clusters search results by content. To achieve this result, we use the latest technology available. Quickly and easily find the right content.

Search Result Clustering by Metadata

Cluster your documents according to their metadata, such as authors, geo-locations, product properties, storage locations, file sizes, industry / problem-specific technical parameters, and much more.


Automate workflows with our cluster search engine: searchIT will cluster and process your documents and content based on them. Examples include the classification and forwarding of emails or scanned company mail to the right contact person, as well as the processing and preparation of completed forms, questionnaires, market analyzes, and much more

Save Work Time with Our Custer Search Engine

Search result clustering provides you with a new, intuitive view of your data – without lengthy analyzes. Document clustering can be used for fully automated data processing. For example, departments receive the right emails on-the-fly. This saves a lot of time and costs.

Avoid Errors with Data Classification

Data classification can save your employees from making mistakes. With search result clustering, for example, the right documents can be found more quickly, eliminating time-consuming duplication of work, or errors.

Find the Right Information with Data Classification

Search result clustering for content and metadata helps you to quickly find the right information in a very short time. 

Many Industries & Use Cases

Our enterprise search clustering machine can be used by various industries. Use case examples include the grouping of documents or incoming forms for government agencies or public authorities, incoming scanned mail for lawyers, incoming emails for development and technology-intensive industries, for supplier and logistical information, for large databases (e.g. in databases of online shops & directories, etc.), for marketing & market analyzes, and much more. The possibilities are endless.

One Search Engine Clustering Technique, Many Applications

Best features for working more efficiently. Easy and uncomplicated.

Document Clustering for Many Industries & Applications

searchIT clustering is suitable for many industries and use cases.

Market Research

searchIT lets you include any online & offline sources in the classification of data. For a next-generation market research.

Marketing- & Market Analyzes

Carry out content & data-based marketing & market analyzes with our enterprise search clustering machine.

Marketing & Media Monitoring

searchIT searches any online & offline sources for content, and clusters the results according to content and / or metadata. A perfect solution for comprehensive marketing and media monitoring.

Social Media Monitoring

searchIT clusters social media postings, comments and reactions for you. Always be up-to-date when it comes to online reactions to your brand.

Online Reviews Monitoring

Automatically observe online reviews of your products and services, and cluster them according to content.

Online PR Monitoring

Monitor the impact of your online PR quickly & easily with the data classification function in our search engine.

Competitor Monitoring

Our search engine crawls the websites of your competition, carries out a data classification according to content (topics) & metadata and shows you quickly and easily what your competition is up to online.

Sales Analyzes

Classify your sales staff’s CRM entries regarding leads and opportunities. This way you keep an overview of current developments and can carry out further analyzes, e.g. for the early detection of highly probable sales.

Customer Classification

Data classification for customers based on content and / or other data: Gain deeper insights and improve upon your service & sales.

Customer Sentiment Classification

Classify documents according to content and sentiments with our enterprise search clustering. Understand what your customers think about your company.

Product Classification

Always keep on top of things with our data classification for products. Ideal for large supplier & product databases & websites.

Support (Customer-Support)

Use the document clustering feature for your internal and external support. Your support staff will find the right content at lightning speed and easily be able to provide the perfect support for your staff and customers.

Monitor & Understand Industry Trends

searchIT classifies – you gain understanding. Monitor industry trends with our search result clustering engine and stay one step ahead of your competition.

Find and Classify Technical Documents

Perform data classification based on technical data and content in your files. Quickly find the right technical documents this way.

Incoming Emails

Cluster your emails by topic and forward them automatically to the right recipients in your company.

Incoming Postal Mail

Cluster your company’s scanned postal mail according to content and make it digitally available to the right users. An OCR system ensures complete automation of data reading and processing.

Authorities (Documents, Protocols, Forms, etc.)

With search result clustering authorities can classify documents, protocols, and forms in advance. This way, the right people (via automatic forwarding to the right department) get a more concise and faster picture of the documents’ content.

Universities (Documents, Surveys, Crawls, Questionnaires, etc.)

Master the flood of information at your university. Our system performs a search result clustering for content and any other data in documents, surveys & questionnaires, crawls, and much more.

Document Classifications in Businesses

The classification of your company’s documents by content and any metadata can make your work much easier and enables standardized, automatic processing of the documents. This saves a lot of labor cost.

Human Resources Management

HR managers are confronted with a lot of content and data – application, existing HR databases, etc. Clustering enables staff data to be displayed automatically and without lengthy manual search work.

Our Solution


Content Clustering with Carrot 2

Our innovative enterprise search clustering engine performs document clustering according to content and subject. The underlying algorithm works completely automatically and autonomously.

Clustering by Metadata

Often not only content, but also metadata is crucial. Metadata consist of the properties of data, such as authors, geo-location, product properties, storage locations, specific technical data, etc. We include these in the data classification so that all aspects that are important to you are taken into account within the document clustering process.

Data Classification with Sentiment Analyzes

Our search result clustering can also be implemented on the basis of sentiment analyzes. This is particularly suitable for certain areas of application, such as market research or customer analyzes.


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up to 100,000 documents

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up to 1,000,000,000 documents

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