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Are you looking for document management software (DMS system)? The main goal when introducing a DMS is the structured organization of data in order to guarantee that information and files can be found quickly and in a targeted manner. This is usually labor-intensive and requires a long lead time. Here comes searchIT in the game!

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Seamless integration

High employee acceptance

Full-text search without the need for keywording

Contextual filters

Classification by AI

Data transformation

Possible tagging of files

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Our search engine for Full-text search & Enterprise Search offers strong standard connectors that allow you to search almost all sources in your company out of the box. Long lead times in integrating the system are now a thing of the past.

Employee acceptance


Unlike traditional document management systems, you don't have to restructure your existing file structures to handle documents searchIT to find. Your employees can continue their previous storage habits, which increases acceptance enormously.

A full-text search
for all sources


searchIT includes a full-text search. Your search terms are searched not only in the text of the document itself, but also in the file name, the file path and even the metadata. This eliminates the manual keywording of files that would otherwise be necessary in document management software systems.

Context dependent


In order to find exactly the right documents in extensive file structures, there are searchIT Various graphic filter technologies are available. For example, documents can be filtered intuitively by author, file type or storage source. The filters displayed adapt to your search, so you only see what is really important.

Classification with
Artificial intelligence


In addition to automatically extracted metadata such as author, date, file type, etc., search term-based classification criteria can also be used the Klassifizierung be used. Through the additional use of AI algorithms, document content can be automatically categorized and topics extracted. Use cases for this use of artificial intelligence would be, for example, the extraction of complaint emails or the automatic filing of extracted invoices by year.



searchIT In contrast to document management systems, it still masters so-called structural and Data transformations. For example, an unstructured folder structure on a file server can be converted into a structured folder structure and the files can be reclassified based on extracted criteria.

Tags as an addition
instead of a requirement


By using our Classification plugin You have the opportunity to mark your documents with so-called tags. For example, if invoices for a specific event do not contain the event name, all related documents can be tagged searchIT can be quickly marked and called up again. 


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