Enterprise Search Engine Implementation


Our enterprise search appliance technicians implement your enterprise search system for you, quickly and seamlessly. If required, we can add additional individual modules

The Search Engine – Immediately On

Plug it in, configure it and you are all set to start crawlin data sources. Our enterprise search engine technicians implement your search engine on site. Increase productivity in an instant!

Best Service for Your Search Appliance

Your success is important to us. That’s why we provide the best service for your search appliance. 

Top Maintenance & Support

Our search appliance technicians offer state-of-the-art search engine maintenance contracts optimized for your needs, as well as fast, uncomplicated support.

Individual Development of Your Search Tool

Our enterprise search appliance is highly functional and powerful. An experienced search appliance development team is available to implement functions for special requirements.


We provide all-encompassing service and a high end enterprise search appliance. Get in touch.