Search File Servers and Files


Are you looking for a perfect full-text search to specifically search for file contents?
Then searchIT is the right solution for you. With searchIT, you can search millions of files from local file servers or archives in a fraction of a second. Hundreds of different file types such as Word, Excel, Powerpoints, PDFs, etc. are supported.

Many Data Sources for Full Text Search

No matter where your documents are stored, searchIT can index them and thus make the file contents searchable. A variety of file sources are supported, such as file servers (Windows file server, SMB share, CIFS, NFS).

Search Also on the Intranet
& on the Web

However, document management or intranet systems such as Alfresco or Microsoft Sharepoint can also be searched using a full-text search. It is also possible to search in extensive web storage collections such as Amazon S3 or Dropbox.

Search Emails
& Really Find Results

Of course, email servers can also be searched. Lengthy and inefficient searches with Microsoft Outlook are finally a thing of the past. Even in very large archive mailboxes, searchIT finds the right emails, tasks, appointments and contacts in a fraction of a second. You can find more content sources in the Search Sources section.

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*Based on experience and measurements, the average cost saving with searchIT is 70%.

A Wide Range of Functions


Filter by Search Terms

Various filter technologies are available to help you find exactly the right documents in extensive file collections. Search terms can be combined or even excluded using AND, OR and NOT filters.


Filter by Metadata

Make us of the many advanced filters by file type, size, date, author, or geo-coordinates. For example, by connecting individual databases, article numbers can be converted into product names and vice versa during the search.


Search Scans Too

Scanned documents and images can also be searched using searchIT. An OCR (Optical Character Recognation) algorithm is used to enable text recognition in scanned documents. After the text recognition has been carried out, recognized texts can also be marked within the PDF scans and can thus be extracted and further processed with a simple copy-paste.


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