Knowledge Management with searchIT


The enterprise search solution searchIT integrates perfectly into your organization and takes knowledge management to a new level with its state-of-the-art search functions.

Find, Share & Research

With our high-end enterprise search solution, your employees will find and share information in the company quickly and easily. Numerous search sources (emails, cloud, online sources, network hard drives, and much more) and intelligent full-text search (fuzzy search, synonyms, and much more), make knowledge management a very easy process. The integration of various online sources (databases, wikis, websites, portals, RSS, Dropbox, Jira project management, etc.) makes searchIT the ideal research tool for generating new knowledge. This is next-generation knowledge management system.

Best Features for Knowledge Management

Our enterprise search engine offers many features that are perfect for knowledge management. A seamless integration into your existing IT system and your organizational processes, many search sources, the indexing of new data almost in real time, and the state-of-the-art full-text search with features such as fuzzy search, synonym recognition, etc. are strong arguments for our software when it comes to knowledge management. In addition, there are knowledge management-specific functions such as data clustering, topic and sentiment analyzes, bookmarking, extensive search filters, interactive visualizations, and plugins for specific requirements, such as GDPR compliance.

Many Use-Cases: Save Time & Costs

Our search solution for knowledge management is highly adaptable. It will boost productivity for libraries, law offices, universities, public service providers (e.g. insurance companies), technically oriented companies, development and production-intensive companies, and much more. To put it briefly: all industries in which knowledge and knowledge management are of central importance. Our software for enterprise knowledge management will save you time, reduce cost and make certain highly knowledge-dependent projects possible.

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*Based on experience and measurements, the average cost saving with searchIT is 70%.

searchIT Features for Knowledge Management


Advanced Data & Content Search

Our software supports your enterprise knowledge management with the latest search technologies. Included are: fuzzy search, synonym recognition, auto-completion with search suggestions, specific plugins (such as OCR for searching in scans and images, geo-search for spatial searches, a GDPR compliance module, searches with filters, special searches, and much more. Knowledge management made easy.


Data Intelligence

Gain better insights into your data with intelligent clustering, topic analysis, sentiment analysis, and much more. This is next-generation software for knowledge management.


Better Overview & Presentation of Results

The boost for your knowledge management: Your employees stay on top of things and find important information faster using appealing, interactive visualizations, metadata, rich snippets, direct information, various search result views, and much more. This we promise.



Our product allows for the information to be bookmarked, making it easier to find at a later time. This bookmarking function eliminates the need for multiple searches of the same information, and allows for more effective knowlege management practices.


Index New Data Almost in Real Time

Do you need quick access to new information and data on your network hard drives and many other search sources? No problem. searchIT indexes new data almost in real time. In this way, when it comes to knowledge management, your employees always have the latest information at the tip of their fingers. 


Many Search Sources

Knowledge is distributed to many information sources within a company, such as emails, hard drives, clouds, storage, online file sharing platforms (e.g. Dropbox), websites, etc. searchIT covers all common search sources. With one search, you have a perfect overview of all information from any of your sources.


Access Permissions

Different groups of employees in your organization have different access rights? Our knowledge management software incorporates existing user access rules from your IT infrastructure automatically. This keeps sensitive information protected.


Seamless Integration into Existing IT Infrastructure & Organization

Thanks to its flexible, highly automated architecture, our knowledge management software fits seamlessly into your existing IT system. The software integrates flawlessly with your IT infrustructure. Authorizations and organizational processes are taken from your organization and mapped to our product.


We provide all-encompassing service and a high end enterprise search appliance. Get in touch.