Classification of Data & Documents


A true cluster search engine automatically classifies data into meaningful groups, and lets you save costs, and increase work efficiency.

„Businesses need strong support to process the huge amount of information flooding them these days. With the automated clustering of our search engine, incoming e-mails, mail, etc. can be classified according to their topic and automatically forwarded to the responsible employees,” Ing. Christoph Wendl, CEO, searchIT.

Your Cluster Search Engine

Data classification for many applications.


Workflow Automation


Get support in managing your workflows with the cluster search engine searchIT. Automatically classify incoming emails, scanned regular mail and other documents by topic and forward them to the responsible employee. This saves labor time & helps avoiding mistakes.

Content & Topic Overviews


Your cluster search engine can automatically classify documents containing natural language and display them in clusters. Examples include processing your business’s documents, or applications of market research, such as social media, questionnaires, as well as online sources such as websites, and much more.

Clustering Any Content


Your cluster search engine lets you group documents as well as any content and metadata into meaningful clusters. The use cases are unlimited and include technical, medical & scientific applications.

Save Work Time


Save time and money by using the cluster search engine for workflow automation. You will need fewer employees for extremely time-consuming work, such as allocating incoming emails or regular mail to the responsible person.

Avoid Errors


The clustering search engine ensures a reduction of errors in the work flow. The automation of time-consuming, detailed & manual work actively avoids errors.

Find the Right Information


Find relevant information faster. searchIT groups large file and data sets in a meaningful way and presents them in an intuitive and user-friendly way.


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