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Find everything with our impressive automated full-text search for scans & images.


“We are rethinking enterprise search. Our search engine for full-text search can also recognize and index non-natively saved text in scans and images, and make it editable,” Ing. Christoph Wendl, CEO, searchIT.

searchIT OCR – Search Scans & Images

searchIT OCR lets you deal with non-text files as if they were text – search, find, mark, edit.


Fully Automated Crawling & OCR


searchIT crawls your scans and images containing text fully automatically and performs automated text recognition (OCR). This way our search engine is able to include even more search sources.

Full-Text Search in Scans & Images


searchIT supplements your scans & images with text recognized by the OCR procedure. This way they too can be indexed and made ready for a full-text search and further editing.

Mark & Copy Scanned Text


searchIT enables you to mark and copy scanned text. The search engine creates a transparent overlay with the text recognized from the OCR which is then attached to the scanned file or image.

Annotations in Text Documents


Make notes and annotations directly over the chosen text of your scanned PDF documents.

Preview &Rich Snippets


searchIT issues rich snippets. Get a quick preview of a document’s content before opening the images or scans.

Filters &Bookmarking


Filter your text scans by metadata or content. You can easily find them again later through bookmarks you created.

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*Based on experience and measurements, the average cost saving with searchIT is 70%.


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