searchIT User Tracking


Track what your employees are doing or searching for with your enterprise search solution.

“In large organizations it is practical to know who did what. The searchIT User Tracking module generates a clear report of employee actions. For example, creating or changing files,” Lyubomir Ivanov, Head of Software Development, searchIT.

searchIT User Tracking

Track what your employees search for in your company with your enterprise search solution.


Track Every User Step


With searchIT you track every user step. This guarantees 100% traceability.

Clear Evaluations


The Enterprise Search Engine provides you with clear reports on the behavior of your users. You recognize individual behavior as well as general trends in numbers & visual representations.

Know What Employees Are Doing


Be informed about how your employees are using your enterprise search appliance. Fully traceable.

Know What You've Searched Yourself


You can track your own user steps. This allows you to find old searches that you have not bookmarked.

Tracking per Filter


Filters allow you to select specific users or user groups. As an example, you can  immediately see which author created or edited which files and when.

Understand Through the Timeline


With just one click you get to the timeline, where you can see all the information arranged by date. This makes it easy to understand activities even over long periods of time.

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*Based on experience and measurements, the average cost saving with searchIT is 70%.


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