Sentiment Analyzes Tool


The sentiment plugin for searchIT automatically recognizes language tonalities in documents and displays them in groups / clusters. Conducting media monitoring, social media monitoring, customer sentiment analysis, brand & product review analyzes etc. has been made easier than ever.

“Companies can use the sentiment plugin in a variety of ways: for example in marketing, in customer support, or in other analyzes”, Lyubomir Ivanov, Head of Software Development, searchIT.

Your Sentiment Analyzes Plugin for searchIT

Easily identify and classify moods in documents.


Emotion Analyzes in Documents


The sentiment analysis plugin for searchIT reliably detects emotions in your documents (files, emails, etc.) based on modern technology.

Sentiment-Based Document Clustering


Based on the sentiments, you can have your data clustered fully automatically. For example, you can process critical customer inquiries, postings or press articles first and easily get an objective view of the matter. 

Modern Technology, Many Applications


The plugin utilizes the latest technology, such as deep neural networks, natural language processing software & high level libraries. The applications for companies are correspondingly versatile.




Applications of the Sentiment Analysis Tool

Use Cases

Exemplary areas of application for the sentiment analyzes plugin

Company Documents

Analyze your company’s documents (e.g. internal reports, questionnaires with open answers, etc.) for moods. This gives you an overview of sentiments for special applications.

Customer Sentiment Analyzes

Thanks to the automatic emotion analyzes of online reviews, social media and customer inquiries via email, you can quickly and easily identify dissatisfaction and potential for improvement.

Customer Support

Regardless of whether customer inquiries arrive by email, regular mail, or tickets – the moods are analyzed, grouped, and forwarded to the right people.

Marketing- & Media Monitoring

Employ our sentiment analysis for perfect media monitoring: Receive a simple overview of reports on your company or competitors – online and offline.

Social Media Monitoring

Social listening made easy: Get a quick impression of customer comments in social media.

Human Ressources

Recognize moods in your staff through the sentiment analysis of e-mails, internal questionnaires or online sources, such as Kununu or Xing forums.

Monitoring Competitors

Automatically analyze the mood towards your competitors in online sources (websites, press portals, social media, etc.).

Market Research

No matter whether open answers in questionnaires, or emotions in online texts such as product reviews, social media comments, and much more.  You keep the overview.

Review Sentiment Analyzes

Find out how your products and your brand are rated online.

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