searchIT is as individual as your data. The following price examples are intended to give you a glimpse into the possible price range. Let us know what your needs are, and we will provide you with a tailor-made offer. Just contact us and tell us your requirements regarding an internal enterprise search engine (number of users required, number of data records – currently a volume of up to one billion data records is possible, …). 

Pricing Examples

Setup Feesnonenonenoneupon request
Monthly Feefrom 45,- Eurofrom 190,- Eurofrom 490,- Euroupon request
Data Recordsup to 10,000up to 100,000up to 1,000,000up to 1,000,000,000
Usersup to 5up to 15up to 50up to 50,000
Incl. Serviceyesyesyesyes
Forms of Implementationappliancevirtual machinevirtual machineall possible
Hardwaresearchit Mini--searchit 19" Rackmount

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*Based on experience and measurements, the average cost saving with searchIT is 70%.




Let your internal search engine run safely in the searchit cloud. You don't need any additional hardware with this form of implementation.


Virtual Machine


Your company's internal search engine is set up as a virtual machine within your own IT infrastructure. We take care of the updates and the smooth operation of your searchit application.


On Prem


Your enterprise search engine will be set up on a server on site, in your own IT infrastructure. We will take care of the updates and the smooth operation of your searchit installation.



Search Appliance


Your enterprise search software runs within your own IT infrastructure, on appliances provided and maintained by us  - either as searchit mini or as searchit 19" rackmount.




Our searchIT Appliances

searchIT mini


Passive cooling

Extremely quiet

Up to 20 users

Up to 1,000,000 records

From € 45 per month

No setup fees

Callable monthly

No commitment period

19″ Rackmount Housing


Highly scalable

Up to 250 users per node

Up to 10,000,000 records per node

From 190,- Euro per month

No setup fees

Callable monthly

No commitment period

searchIT 19″ Rackmount


Find the answers to possible questions about our terminology here.

What is a data record?

A data record can be a number of things: MS Word file, PowerPoint presentation, Excel file, PDF, etc. It can also be an image (photo or graphic) or an email. When integrating databases into your searchIT application, actual data records also fall into this category.

What are connectors?

Connectors, or search sources, are the sources that searchIT indexes to let you find what you are looking for using full-text search. Examples include file server, email server, various databases, websites, cloud storage such as Dropbox, etc.

More information on the searchIT search sources can be found here.

What is a user?

Users are actual people with their respective individual login credentials. Using login credentials allows users to search data while on the go and on any device in their company, having access to appointments, contact details, contracts, etc.

What services are included?

The services included in all product packages include software updates and major release upgrades. In addition, other services can be arranged according to your needs. In this way, IT service management services for the maintenance of the application can be booked with service level agreements (SLAs) on request. End-user support and training also fall into the category of bookable services.

searchIT-specific IT and development services include:

  • Installation of new connectors and integration of new sources
  • Development of new source connectors
  • Branding of the surface (colors, fonts, etc.)
  • Integration of new information types in the search engine including definition of storage structures (field definitions), result visualization (representation) and searchability rules (weighting, etc.). The following types of information are already supported by searchIT as standard: document, email, contacts, tasks, appointments, websites
  • Development and integration of new plugins
Which plugins can be integrated?

With plugins you can expand the range of functions of your enterprise search engine. You can currently choose between six different plugins that can be booked in addition to the basic installation:

More information about the plugins can be found on the linked info pages.

What is meant by "hardware"?

Various forms of implementation are available for your enterprise search engine (cloud, virtual machine, on prem or appliance). If you have chosen the implementation via an appliance, two different hardware solutions are available depending on your requirements:

searchIT mini

A space-saving appliance with passive cooling. Extremely quiet. Extremely reliable.

searchIT 19 “rackmount

Highly scalable, for installation in your server rack.

They will be integrated into you IT infrastructure.