More Than Just a Full GSA Replacement


With the enterprise search software searchIT, you get more than a powerful replacement for your Google Search Appliance (GSA). A greatly expanded range of functions brings you additional advantages that are nothing short of impressive.


Comprehensive GSA Replacement

An in-house search engine is a necessity for many companies. Google’s Search Appliance (GSA) offered a good search within a company’s documents and presented the results in the way that everyone was used to from web searches. However, the sale ended in 2017, and in 2019 support for the GSA also came to an end. With searchIT we have created more than a simple GSA replacement. Interactive filters, AI algorithms for additional analysis and data grouping, a multitude of connectors that let you search even more sources, as well as further security and data protection features make searchIT more than a mere replacement for the Google Search Appliance. And all that at an extremely attractive price.

AI Algorithms for More Efficiency

It goes without saying that documents, mails and data can be found acuratly with customized filters to fine-tune your search results with searchIT as a GSA replacement. Automated content analysis, theme clustering of your data, sentiment analysis of your correspondence and online communication go far beyond the usual range of applications from the Google Search Appliance thanks to the AI-based algorithms used by searchIT. This makes searchIT a tool that increases productivity and efficiency in the company. Top usability, graphically appealing display of the results, intuitive handling of the search software – those are unmatched improvements.


searchIT is scalable and highly flexible. Even small companies can benefit from an excellent internal search engine without having to take a high financial risk. searchIT is an enterprise search software that allows for more adaptable design of the interfaces, filters and functionalities via numerous plugins. It is more than just a replacement of GSA. It steps on the development of AI-based search technology developed in recent years. Whether as a knowledge management system, DSM, effective intranet or website search, for contract management or the administration of huge archives of scanned documents – searchIT is more than just a GSA replacement.

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*Based on experience and measurements, the average cost saving with searchIT is 70%.

searchIT - The More Efficient Search Appliance


More Search Sources

With searchIT you can find documents and data from all sources in the company. Whether network hard drives, emails, databases, extra and intranets, websites, cloud storage such as Google or Amazon Drive, your Dropbox, and much more.

Intelligent Full-Text Search

An intelligent full-text search lets you use synonyms recognition, fuzzy search, speech recognition, topic extraction, OCR function and much more. Easily find what you’re looking for. Fast and reliable.

Innovative Filters & Best Usability

Innovative real-time search filters ensure that you find the data you are looking for with pinpoint accuracy. Intuitive and user-friendly. The search results can be displayed according to your requirements in a user-friendly design.

AI-Based Content Analysis

Perform fully automated content analyzes of your files. Our AI algorithms can automatically recognize content & topics in documents and display them in a meaningful group. Thanks to this quick overview, you can concentrate on the details.

Automated Clustering

Save time by automatically grouping your documents. AI algorithms ensure reliable clustering of your data. This allows you to automate your workflow and increase efficiency in the company.

Data Protection & GDPR Compliance

With searchIT you have a GSA replacement that guarantees data protection and security. In addition, you have the option of using intelligent and comprehensive searches to generate legally compliant data protection information in accordance with the GDPR at the push of a button. This way you won’t overlook an entry, and save time as well.

OCR Functions

Full-text search that also works with text in images, scans and PDFs – this is possible thanks to the OCR functionality of searchIT. Scanned contracts, historical documents and files, all of this can be searched automatically.

Efficient Geo Search

Large, geographically distributed organizations in particular can automatically and spatially limit searches or displayed content such as news, organizational documents, contracts, contact details, etc. This means that employees at a location only see things that are relevant to them.

GSA Migration

You had a Google search appliance in use and need to migrate your search solution? No problem. This is how your GSA is migrated to searchIT:


Consulting & Planning the GSA Migration

Our Enterprise Search consultants will meet with you (in person or in an online meeting) and advise you on what should be migrated and which new functionalities should be used in your company’s new in-house search.


Hardware & Software Setup for Your GSA Replacement

searchIT can be implemented in four different ways: in the searchIT cloud, as a dedicated server on high-performance hardware in our Austrian data center, on prem on your own servers, or as an appliance integrated into your own IT infrastructure. Of course, we can provide you with top appliances like you were used to with your GSA. Whichever way of implementation you choose, our search engine technicians ensure a smooth setup of the hardware and software.


Configuration & Integration of Your Search Appliance

Our technicians first mirror your GSA. The data is then integrated into the new system and your enterprise search appliance configured for extended operation. A seamless integration into all your search sources, your internal authorization systems & IT processes is the basis for an efficient and secure enterprise search solution.


Search & Find

Your new corporate search engine is now ready for use. You will quickly find searchIT irreplacable. It is a user-friendly document management system, an efficient knowledge management tool and intelligent search solution with numerous functions. It saves you time and makes your work easier. Guaranteed.


We provide all-encompassing service and a high end enterprise search appliance. Get in touch.