GDPR - Support with data management & obligation to provide information


Save time and reduce the likelihood of errors by optimizing processes and automating GDPR-relevant activities - such as the obligation to provide information regarding personal data, fulfilling deletion and change requests, etc. - in the company.

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The most important advantages and functions of the GDPR plugin at a glance

The GDPR plugin supports you with:

Cross-source data protection information for personal data

Automatically generate and export information reports

Source documentation of storage and deletion strategies

Automated deletion suggestions for “expired” personal data

Documentation of manual deletion suggestions

Controlled 4-eye deletion release

Automated recording of changes across sources (history function)

Support with GDPR

The best features for GDPR compliance.


Cross-source data protection information


searchit lets you create data protection information that is legally compliant in terms of content and form. Across sources and at the push of a button. In a matter of seconds, you can comply with your information obligations towards data subjects in accordance with the requirements of the GDPR.

Data protection information at the touch of a button


Generate and export information reports automatically – with searchit You can quickly find personal data that is being processed in your company. Thanks to the uncomplicated export and the standardized output from searchit In report form you fulfill the right to information according to Article 15 GDPR correctly in terms of content and form.

Source documentation of storage & deletion strategies


With searchit It makes it easy to understand the various steps of data processing in companies and organizations. Through comprehensive source documentation of your storage and deletion strategies. 

Automated deletion suggestions


The EU GDPR requires that personal data not be retained longer than absolutely necessary. searchit provides you with automated deletion suggestions for this “expired” personal data. You save working time and fulfill your deletion obligations without much effort. 

Documentation of manual deletion suggestions


Who requested data deletion, when and on what grounds? With the automated documentation of manually entered deletion suggestions through searchit Always keep track of requested data cleansing. 

Controlled 4-eye deletion release


The deletion or correction of data works according to the four-eyes principle. Every request for deletion or change must be confirmed and approved by a second person. This prevents important data from being accidentally deleted or overwritten. 

Cross-source history function


searchit records changes to data across sources. And it’s automated, meaning you don’t have to worry about manually created documentation. The history function can be used to view the deleted data records including additional information (e.g. reasons for deletion).


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