Product search engine & e-commerce search function with searchit

Use our Enterprise Search Engine as a product search engine / webshop search – to provide impressive and child’s play product searches / product finders in your e-commerce system. Quite simply.

Online Product Search</p>

With our top product search engine in the field of e-commerce & product search, you and your customers can easily find products in your online shop. The search sources are freely definable and the functions of the product search engine / webshop search are limitless. Quite simply.

Product search in your own company database

With our product search engine, finding products or components in the production chain in your company database is child’s play. Of course, supplier databases can be included freely and easily. Just start, work more efficiently.

Product Search & Suppliers</p>

Use the supplier search to find suppliers and products in their product databases. Wherever the supplier information and products are – whether on the web, in databases and directories – products are found quickly and easily. Quite simply.

E-Commerce Webshop Search</p>

Impress customers with a better webshop search / e-commerce search function for your online shop. Visual and interactive product search becomes a breeze and conversions increase. Upgrade your shop system with our enterprise product search engine.

Product search engine & new services

Provide customers with a high-performance and all-round convincing product search engine on your company website. The Product Search Engine also allows you to offer new services, such as a Price Comparison Engine, or new service comparisons. There are no limits to the imagination.

Price & Product Search</p>

Let your customers easily and quickly find products and prices and related data sheets, instructions, etc. With our e-commerce search function with full-text search across almost all sources, this is child’s play.

Our solutions

Modern, top product search

Searching for products with our Enterprise Product Search Engine becomes an experience. They search webshops, e-commerce sites and product databases visually and intuitively, filter in a variety of ways and interactively. That’s simplicity in a nutshell.

Include many sources in the product search

With our Product Search Engine, you can include many sources in your search. Whether it’s network hard drives, databases, websites, CRMs, e-mails, Dropbox, and much more. You always have an overview.

Product search engine based on content

Our product search engine searches for content. This simply includes metadata, such as product types, colors, etc., but also textual descriptions. These are found and, if desired, can also be automatically grouped by topic by the product search engine.

Webshop Search with Snippets & Preview

Snippets and previews make it easier for you to find them. You and your customers get comprehensive insights into suitable products and their features in seconds.

Search & Filter by Product Information

Search and filter interactively in the product search – for example, by time, source, metadata, categories, content, and much more.

Time-based product search

Our Product Search Engine provides you with many filter options. For example, you can interactively restrict the product search on a time bar with detailed and clear information.

Search scans & images for product information

With the built-in OCR system, you can fully automatically explore scans and images of contracts, product descriptions, and much more for textual content. This makes them searchable without additional effort.

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