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searchit The law edition offers the perfect legal software for managing and quickly searching through client information (including email archives), process and court files. Regardless of the number and type of document, large unstructured files can be searched in seconds.

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Search files in seconds

Relevant legal texts always at hand

Categorize process files automatically

Fast, intuitive search with graphical filters

Cross-location knowledge management

Intelligent process automation

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*Based on experience and measurements, the average cost savings with searchit 70%.


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searchit law edition

The diverse, industry-specific functions of our legal software are impressive.


Search files in seconds


In legal cases, clients often provide data storage media containing several thousand to millions of relevant documents that need to be searched and categorized for proceedings. Finding client information quickly is a significant time and therefore cost factor. The larger your legal file collection is, the more you can benefit from our search software for lawyersit law edition benefit. Whether process files, court files, email archives (pst files), scans of invoices or PDF documents – with our enterprise search solution for lawyers, documents from almost all sources can be searched in a matter of seconds.

Relevant legal texts always at hand


In addition to the documents relevant to a legal case, searchit law edition can also be linked to an online collection of legal texts. This means you can simultaneously search through relevant files and relevant legal texts using a central application and open them with one click. In order to ensure state-of-the-art data protection, searchit law edition the authorization system existing in your organization. This is also the case in searchit Confidential documents are only displayed to people with the necessary rights.

Automated process files


The firm's internal search engineit In addition to a quick full-text search, law edition also offers you the option of categorizing client information - including email communication in pst files - as well as process or court files. SThe above-mentioned tags can be either be assigned to individual documents automatically by artificial intelligence or manually by a user. This is how you can searchit Restructure data and make it more accessible without changing the original document names or metadata. A graphical date filter allows you to filter for a specific day with just a single click.

Intuitive searches with
graphic filters


Through the intuitive search interface of our legal software searchit law edition, this can be perfectly integrated into your everyday work. Limit the search to email archives (pst files), PDFs, images or other file types. Storage location, language, author, etc. – the filter options are diverse. The document preview in the results display allows you to see whether it is the document you are looking for before opening it. Long loading times when opening to check the file are now a thing of the past.

Cross-location knowledge management


searchit law edition allows you to access all of your important documents regardless of location - including from the courtroom. With our enterprise search for lawyers, you can simplify knowledge management within your company and avoid time-consuming double research. 

Intelligent process automation


In order to keep the workload as low as possible searchIT law edition for automation on artificial intelligence. This means that documents can not only be categorized during indexing, but can also be further processed using our firm's internal search software based on content, file type or origin.

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