Storage space management - Find & delete duplicate files with searchit

The storage space management plugin makes searchit the perfect tool for finding, managing and visualizing duplicates. Whether documents, e-mails or images – searchit finds all duplicate or multiple files in all connected sources. This allows you to manage storage space easily and keep your sources free of redundant files.

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Storage space visualization with searchit

Cross-source search for duplicates

Find duplicate files

Find & delete duplicate images

Visualization of storage space consumption

Deleting duplicates

Scalable for large data volumes

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Storage space management made easy

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Cross-source <br>Search for Duplicates


By connecting a wide variety of data sources to searchit, finding duplicate files is not limited to just one storage medium. This means that duplicates of files and photos can be found quickly and easily – even if they are distributed across different sources.

Find <br> Dupliacte Files


Files are usually duplicated quickly and then lead a memory-intensive life of their own on your file servers. By calculating checksums, searchit finds duplicates of documents such as Word files, PDFs, Excel files, presentations etc. in a matter of seconds and displays them sorted according to their memory consumption.

Find & Delete<br> Duplicate Images


Images and photos can also be analyzed using checksum calculation. This means that duplicates on the various storage media are quickly found and can be deleted using the dual control principle. This reduces the required storage space and thus saves resources.

Visualization of the <br> Memory consumption


The data visualization allows users to see at a glance which sources, drives and folders contain the largest number of duplicate files. This makes it immediately clear how much memory is being wasted on redundant files.

Delete from <br>Doublets


Multiple files can be deleted directly from searchit using the dual control principle. Every user has the option of submitting a deletion request, which must then be approved for deletion by an administrator or user with the appropriate rights. This protects you from accidental deletions.

Scalable for <br> Large amounts of data


Thanks to the high scalability of searchit, duplicate files can always be found on a daily basis, even with large and constantly growing data volumes. So that your file servers are always tidy and do not reach their limits.

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