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Enterprise Search Appliance with GDPR module

A state-of-the-art full-text search engine combined with unique functions for the company’s GDPR compliance & perfectly integrated into the company software. A 6-fold cluster guarantees fast crawling. This is the next generation of enterprise search.

Full text search on the intranet / Intranet Search Engine

We stand for quality. We provided the company with a fluid, intuitive full-text search that incorporates many data sources, such as database systems, file systems, websites, Active Directory, etc. searchit not only reduces the time required for searching, but also for opening documents.

Search engine with PDF recognition, instant search, and much more.

Implementation of a company-wide search engine that offers various additional services such as PDF recognition, the inclusion of an authorization structure, optimized search logic, filter options, synonym search and the integration of many search sources such as Sharepoint, Exchange and many more.

Enterprise Search for the media archive of the media library

searchit enables the Mediathek of the Technisches Museum Wien to search all collected data and documents simultaneously and to check the data integrity using checksums. By implementing a TV crawler, TV reports can be automatically saved and made searchable by searchit.

Search large amounts of data

Investigative journalism requires searching through huge amounts of data – and often under great time pressure. Thanks to its OCR plugin, searchit can also recognize, index and search through image-based text, such as scans, using a full-text search. Searching nested ZIP files is also possible with searchit. Data classification brings structure to the mountains of files and thus makes the journalists’ job easier.

Multisite-capable onsite search

The integration of searchit as a multisite search tool enables the simultaneous handling of all data distributed on several pages. The implemented topic extraction uses AI to identify important main topics and display them graphically in the tag cloud. Numerous filters ensure top usability of the on-site search function. Further information.

Search engine with OCR plugin & e-mail search

The German Leasing Austria uses searchit including an OCR plugin and an Exchange Server e-mail search. With the OCR plug-in, written content in scans and images can be searched and marked fully automatically. This noticeably expands the search for content in the company.

<b>searchit</b> with extra module

By developing an extra module, searchit has become the perfect software for managing and searching company register data. By using intelligent links, organizations and personal data can be easily extracted.

Search publications with <b>searchit</b>

A special adaptation of the enterprise search software searchit provides the University of Hamburg with a perfectly structured full-text search in its publications. Numerous customized filters allow users to quickly and precisely find the desired documents in a wide range of categories.

<b>searchit</b> for the university hospital

The University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE) is known for cutting-edge medicine, research and teaching. Among other things, the UKE relies on the latest medical technology and innovative information technology. With searchit, the University Hospital also has the best possible solution in terms of enterprise search.

Enterprise search with <b>searchit</b>

When it comes to quickly finding information in files, correspondence and data sheets, the enterprise search software searchit is the right solution. Being able to search through large amounts of data quickly using a full-text search is particularly important for a company in the service sector.

Enterprise Search Solution

searchit significantly simplifies the handling of large volumes of files. Regardless of whether you want to search in the file name, storage path or in the content of the document, searchit ‘s full-text search always finds the content you are looking for.

Enterprise search for the public sector

The searchit gov edition software, which has been specially adapted for the public sector, is an enterprise search software for cities and municipalities. This means that various documents can be found and opened more quickly, and scanned PDFs or other image-based text can also be made searchable with searchit.

Enterprise search for companies

The use of searchit as an enterprise search enables documents to be found and opened quickly, even if they are stored on several separate data sources. This can increase productivity in the company.

Enterprise search on the intranet

A state-of-the-art search engine in the organization’s powerful intranet. The use of a full-text search eliminates the need for the keywording familiar from conventional CM systems. This is enterprise search of the next generation.

Fast full-text search in CRM

An enterprise search engine that is impressive. The connection of numerous connectors, from databases to external websites, make searchit a perfect tool for knowledge management.

<b>searchit</b> law edition for law firms

The searchit law edition enterprise search, specially adapted for lawyers and legal professionals, allows you to search client information such as e-mail archives or storage drives in seconds.

<b>searchit</b> sales partner

IT consultants provide their customers with the best software available. As a sales partner, Satz Software advises its customers on how to use searchit to search even the largest file structures in a matter of seconds.

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