Enterprise Search for Top Customers

Next generation enterprise search – for small and large companies. Let yourself be inspired by our state-of-the-art enterprise search solutions.

Enterprise search appliance with GDPR module

A state-of-the-art search engine combined with unique functions for GDPR compliance perfectly integrated with our customer’s software. A 6-fold cluster guarantees fast crawling. This is next generation enterprise search.

Full text intranet search / intranet search engine

We stand for quality. The customer received a fluid, intuitive full-text search software from us, including connectors to many data sources, such as database systems, file systems, websites, Active Directory, etc.

Enterprise Search for the Intranet

A state-of-the-art search engine for the powerful intranet of this customer. That is next-generation enterprise search!

Full text search for the CRM

An impressive enterprise search engine for better knowledge management with many connectors.

Search engine with PDF recognition, instant search, etc.

Traktionssysteme Austria GmbH had planned the development and implementation of a company-wide search engine. The search engine offers various additional services such as PDF recognition, the inclusion of an authorization structure, an optimized search logic, filter options, synonym search and the integration of many search sources, such as Sharepoint, Exchange, etc.

Search engine with OCR plugin & email search

The German Leasing Austria uses searchIT including the OCR plugin and an Exchange Server email search. The OCR plugin enables the search within scans and images by a fully automated trascription of the text, that can also be marked and copied. This feature noticeably enhanced the content search for our customer.

Search engine with many extras

Due to large amounts of data and special requirements, Iphos IT Solutions GmbH introduced searchIT, an enterprise search solution that holds many extras for the IT industry. In addition to a large number of search sources and features such as instant search, synonym recognition, etc. we have also integrated GDPR, OCR, user tracking and clustering plugins.


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