Data classification & process automation made easy

Our top in-house search engine searchit enables search result classification by content. Manual and automatic assignment of categories (tagging) and clear, visual filters make searching easier and give you an overview of your emails, offers and other data. The use of state-of-the-art algorithms to classify your files according to content allows you to easily filter according to topics, languages, emotions and much more. This is high-end technology made in Austria!

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The most important advantages & applications of the data classification plugin at a glance

These are the advantages of the Data Classification plugin:

Intuitive visualizations and filters using a tagging system

Automatic categorization (tagging) of files

Process / workflow automation

Manual categorization (tagging) of files

Data classification according to file content

Data classification according to file types and metadata

Avoid errors with data classification

Lookup source for the search

Save working time with searchIT

Data classification & process automation made easy

The most important applications & best functions.

Tagging with intuitive visualizations & filters


The core of the Enterprise Search classification (categorization) is a comprehensive and specially developed categorization and tagging system. This allows a multi-assignment of categories to files, hierarchies, private and publicly visible tags in your organization, as well as an intuitive color coding of the categories. This allows you to manage and categorize databases centrally, easily and intuitively. Based on this tagging system, files can be classified manually and automatically according to content or metadata.

Automatic classification with AI algorithms


searchit has powerful classification algorithms based on artificial intelligence (AI). In this way, searchit can recognize languages, extract content-related topics and recognize and filter moods in texts. The open system allows quick and easy integration of third-party libraries for classifying databases.

Process / workflow automation


Automate workflows with our classification search engine: searchit classifies and processes your documents and content immediately. Examples include the classification and forwarding of e-mails, incoming company mail to the right contact person, or the processing and preparation of completed forms, questionnaires, market analyses and much more.

Manual categorization (tagging) of files


Manually assign any tags to files such as customer inquiries, e.g. “Offer”, “Support request”, “Cancellation” and many more. You can filter and visualize your databases and share them with others. Quite simply.

Data classification according to file content


Our search engine searchit classifies search results as required on the basis of file content. We use the latest technology to achieve this. This means you can always find the right content quickly and easily – regardless of the files and file types. We promise.

Data classification according to file types and metadata


Have your documents classified according to file types and any metadata, such as authors, geo-locations, product properties, storage locations, file sizes, industry/problem-specific technical parameters and much more.

Avoid errors with data classification


Data classification can save your employees from making mistakes. For example, Search Result Clustering can be used to find the right documents more quickly and avoid time-consuming duplication of work or errors due to a lack of information.

Lookup source<br>for the search


searchit automatically captures categories in large databases and thus makes large and confusing lists, such as school lists, lists of programming languages, etc., easily searchable.

Save working time<br>with searchit


Search Result Classification gives you a new, intuitive view of your data – without the need for lengthy analyses. Document classification can be used for fully automated data processing. For example, departments receive the right e-mails on the fly. This saves a lot of working time and costs.

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