Intranet search function

Modern companies use a variety of information systems, such as intranet websites, wiki systems, mail servers, document management systems, but also collaboration platforms or file servers. In order to make the information contained therein centrally accessible and retrievable, an efficient intranet search (also known as enterprise search) is required.

State-of-the-art technology for intranet search

searchit is a state-of-the-art intranet search engine based on a full-text search that is controlled by entering search terms.

Lots of features & <br>Filter

A variety of additional functions and filter options are available to make it easy to find the information you are looking for.

Intranet Search: <br>Rethinking

This intranet search provides you with the right information from billions of documents in a fraction of a second.

A wealth of features

Filter by search terms

In order to find exactly the right information in extensive intranet systems, a wide variety of filter technologies are available for intranet searches. On the one hand, search terms can be combined or excluded as desired using AND, OR and NOT filters.

Filter by metadata

On the other hand, advanced filters are available by file type, size, date, author or geo-coordinates. By connecting individual synonym databases, article numbers can be converted into product names and vice versa in the course of the search, for example.

Also browse scans

In order to be able to search scanned documents and images, the intranet search engine searchIT uses an OCR (Optical-Character-Recognation) algorithm, which makes text recognition in scanned documents possible. After performing text recognition, recognized texts in PDF scans are not only searchable, but also markable and can therefore be extracted and further processed with copy-paste.

Data protection at the top of the list

Employees only find what they are supposed to see

Of course, your employees can only access and search the information to which they should have access on the intranet. This means that, for example, only those files from a file server are included in the search to which the searching employee also has read rights.

Disconnected from the Internet

searchit is also not connected to the Internet and therefore does not provide any information to the outside world or to third parties, as is usually the case with Internet search engines such as Google. All information remains exclusively in your own network.

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