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The optimal enterprise search solution for real estate agents, real estate portals and property management companies made in Austria: quick access to contract data, documents, databases, correspondence and much more. Controlling and GDPR compliance become child’s play. You save working time and costs, increase your productivity and take knowledge management to a new level. We promise.

Real Estate Industry 2.0

Keep an eye on all the information that is important for your work. Search all internal and external sources for content at lightning speed : contract data, correspondence, contacts, bookings, land register information, property databases or relevant legal texts. Save time and money and increase your productivity with state-of-the-art knowledge management from the very first moment. We promise.

Many use cases<br>

searchit immo edition makes it easy for you to increase the productivity of your employees. Whether land register searches, contract management, controlling, property management, GDPR compliance, automated processes such as the categorization of e-mails and mail and the automatic forwarding to the right department in the company, the search of scans, and much more – the use cases are limitless. This makes efficient work child’s play.

Best Real Estate Features

With searchit immo edition, you can easily search through all the internal data that is relevant to you. Whether land register research, looking up industry-specific legal texts or searching in property databases – no problem with searchit . Intelligent content-based AI search algorithms make it easier for you to search and support you with numerous automations, such as automatically searching through scans of contracts. Save frequently used search queries with bookmarks for even faster access. Quite simply.

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search<b>it</b> immo edition Use Cases

The wide range of possible applications for searching, analysing and automating is ideally suited for the real estate industry and property management companies.

Contracts & Floor Plans


Search and find information in contracts and appendices with different content structures such as floor plans – regardless of the format (Word, PDF, etc.) in which they are available. Scans of printed contracts or floor plans are also automatically searchable using the text recognition / OCR plugin.

All documents


Search and find all information in correspondence, e-mails, booking documents, and much more. This allows you to get the right documents and content quickly and easily.

Property Search


searchit immo edition provides you with perfect support in your property search. The search engine searches many external sources such as social media, databases, portals, websites and more and shows you suitable properties quickly and easily.

Browse scans


A fully automatic OCR plugin converts scans of texts, such as contracts, floor plans, invoices, mail and more, into text and makes it fully searchable and editable.

Accounting & Property Management


The internal search engine supports you in property management, for example through lightning-fast searches and automated assignment of receipts, invoices, maintenance tasks and repair management. It makes all receipts, tasks and contact details (including scans of these) automatically searchable and shows you what you need for efficient completion or controlling.

Document Management & GDPR Compliance


The GDPR plugin lets you easily find, edit, delete all instances of personal information, and create legally compliant GDPR reports at the click of a button.

Automations (billing, receipts, emails, mail)


Automate your processes. Incoming billing documents and receipts, as well as e-mails and mail, for example, can be automatically categorized according to content and forwarded to the right recipient.

Real estate property research


searchit immo edition is connected to all internal, but external sources of information, such as various databases, network hard drives, websites, intranets, etc. and allows you to search for real estate properties as well as all associated information and data quickly and easily in these sources.

Time Tracking & Project Management


searchit immo edition keeps you up to date on the working hours and activities of employees and provides you with project management information.

Market research


Conduct market research by searching, categorizing, and fully automating online sources such as real estate platforms, news outlets, social media, and competitor websites.

Marketing Controlling


Control your marketing channels at the touch of a button – whether it’s entries on real estate platforms, social media, PR or advertising on various channels.

Business Process Monitoring


Keep an eye on the important processes with in-depth and complete business analyses that provide the perfect overview.

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