OCR: Searching Scans & Images


Impress with the automated full-text search for scans and images. So that you can really find everything.

“We are rethinking enterprise search. Our full-text search engine also recognizes non-natively stored text in scans and images, searches it and makes it copyable, marked-up and editable,” Ing. Christoph Wendl, CEO, searchit.

searchit OCR – Searching Scans & Images

Searchit’s text recognition plugin lets you deal with non-text files as if they were text – search, find, highlight, edit.

Fully automated crawling & text recognition


searchit crawls your scans and images of texts fully automatically and performs automatic text recognition (OCR). This allows the search engine to include more search sources.

Full-text search in scans & images


searchit complements your scans & images with the text recognized from the OCR procedure. This makes a full-text search and further edits possible.

Marking & Copying Text


Searchit makes it possible to mark and copy scanned texts. The search engine places a transparent overlay with the text recognized from OCR over the scanned file or image file.

Annotations in the text document


Take notes and annotations in your scanned PDF documents – directly at the desired text passage.

Preview & Rich Snippets


searchit outputs rich snippets. This gives you a quick insight into the content of the document even before opening the images or scans.

Filter &


Filter your text scans by metadata or content. Later you can easily find them again by bookmarking.

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