Enterprise search with fast ROI

Whether as an enterprise search appliance, on-prem installation, virtual machine or as a cloud solution hosted in the searchit data center: With searchit ‘s fast & secure search, your investment will pay for itself within a very short time. Future-proof through an efficient search with a high return on investment.

Faster finding for efficient use of working time

A fast and reliable search engine offers companies enormous savings potential. Not only can the time spent on searching and researching be drastically reduced with a top search engine, but the effort required to recreate documents that already exist but cannot be found is also reduced. For more efficiency and a fast ROI.

Automation of tasks saves time & costs

Classifying and clustering emails and documents takes up a lot of working time that can be used for more productive and profitable tasks. An efficient, AI-based search engine can take over these tasks for you, guaranteeing a rapid return on investment.

Avoid high costs due to missed deadlines

Complying with the information obligations under the new EU GDPR is time-consuming. Failure to do so on time or in full can result in high costs. With the searchit GDPR plugin, processing GDPR requests is child’s play. So that you don’t miss any important deadlines and still have time for your core business.

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*Based on experience and measurements, the average cost saving with searchit is 70%.

One search engine, fast ROI

Highly efficient search engine, fast return on investment. Guaranteed.

The search engine for a fast return on investment

A top search experience that quickly recoups your investment and gains even more value over time thanks to machine learning & AI.

Cost-efficient solution

searchit is consistently designed for cost efficiency. From setup to the various use cases – for a fast ROI.

Maximize productivity

The fast enterprise search functions of searchit ensure that you spend less time searching and can devote more time to your core business. For maximum productivity.

Stop duplication of work

Never create multiple documents again. With our state-of-the-art enterprise search solution, you always have an overview of what is already available. So you don’t have to constantly reinvent the wheel.

Automated categorization through AI

With searchit you save time and money through the automated categorization of documents and emails. Whether for routine tasks or clustering information for research tasks.

Save time with GDPR information

Reliably complete and document time-consuming data protection information in no time at all. For GDPR-compliant processing of requests for information, correction and deletion.

Avoid costs due to missed deadlines

Failure to comply with the deadlines for data protection information under the GDPR can cost you dearly. A top enterprise search engine ensures that you can easily meet your obligations on time.

Avoid penalties for data breaches

In the event of a data breach, you need to act quickly to avoid high penalties: Documentation and reporting obligations are easy to fulfill with your Enterprise Search Engine.

Constant increase in value through AI

Machine learning algorithms ensure that the precision and speed of your search engine’s automation tasks are constantly increasing. Your investment thus increases in value with ongoing use.

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