5 Tips for Efficiently Managing the Impact of Inflation: How Companies Are Strengthening Their Competitiveness by Using AI-Powered Data Classification

In times of high energy costs and inflation-driven sharp increases in personnel costs, many companies are facing major challenges. To cushion the effects of inflation, it is crucial to optimize business processes and organizational procedures. In this context, artificial intelligence and automated data classification can provide impactful solutions to reduce employee work pressure while increasing efficiency in everyday work. After all, data classification is the key to managing large amounts of data. The use of artificial intelligence enables enormous time savings in sorting, categorization and searching. “Efficient assignment makes it easier to access information that is critical to success. Our experience has shown that companies can significantly save time and costs through AI-based, automated classification of their data,” emphasizes Christoph Wendel, CEO of Iphos IT Solutions.

Find out below how companies can benefit from the benefits of data classification and AI to strengthen their competitiveness and successfully meet economic challenges.

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Tip 1: Efficient management of correspondence through automation

AI-based data classification offers companies the opportunity to efficiently cope with the daily flood of emails. Manually sorting hundreds or thousands of emails per day is time-consuming and error-prone. “Enterprise search software solutions such as searchit today often offer automated classification of e-mails and documents, such as scanned letter mail. This saves valuable resources and allows employees to concentrate on more important tasks, while machine learning algorithms sort correspondence according to topics such as offers or support requests,” explains Wendl.

Tip 2: Quickly identify and analyze relevant data for informed decisions

Companies from various industries, including media houses, organizations with a strong focus on investigative research, law firms, and many more, can benefit from the rapid identification and analysis of relevant data using AI-based algorithms. Journalists, for example, can quickly and efficiently search and analyze large amounts of data to uncover hidden patterns and correlations thanks to automated data classification. This skill plays a crucial role in developing investigative stories and exposing scandals and grievances. The combination of AI-based data classification and the expertise of experienced experts makes enterprise search software a powerful tool for information retrieval. This benefit is not limited to journalism, but also to other areas of the business where informed decisions must be made based on comprehensive data.

Tip 3: Optimize data management for an efficient work structure

Automated or manual assignment of tags makes it easier to manage information, ensuring quick access to relevant data. Project-specific tags create structure and make it possible to quickly access relevant documents and optimize workflows. A link to deadlines ensures that important deadlines are kept in mind and that you can react promptly.

“Some of our customers are active in the legal industry,” Wendl reports from everyday business life. “What they particularly appreciate about searchit is the ability to search email archives of clients, such as PST files, using a full-text search, and also to structure them using automated classification. Regardless of the industry, companies can achieve significant time savings with these features of an enterprise search solution.”

Tip 4: Protect sensitive data with automated data classification and tagging

Sensitive company data must be protected and must only be accessible to authorized employees. By automatically classifying and tagging data, companies can quickly and easily ensure that only employees with the appropriate access permissions can access it. This can affect projects with non-disclosure agreements, personnel files or accounting documents. This not only reduces the risk of data loss and unauthorized access, but also ensures compliance with data protection laws and policies.

Tip 5: Improve customer retention and trend analysis thanks to AI-powered data classification

Companies as well as private customers – everyone is currently struggling with the consequences of inflation, so expanding customer loyalty measures is a top priority in many companies. Efficient processing of customer and support requests kills two birds with one stone: your own costs are optimized and the faster processing time of your inquiries is a plus for customers. The implementation of enterprise search software with AI-supported data classification enables companies to process customer inquiries more efficiently. Requests can be assigned to the appropriate teams more quickly, resulting in faster processing and higher customer satisfaction. Another bonus is the identification of trends and patterns in the requests. In this way, customer needs can be specifically addressed and marketing campaigns can be tailored to the new needs. If the solution also offers automated speech recognition, it will be of particular interest to multinational companies. You achieve significant savings in time and resources through the automated classification of documents in the various corporate languages.

“The implementation of AI-based data classification has proven itself with our customers. Intelligent algorithms and automated classification support them in their daily work in the efficient management of data and the rapid identification of relevant information. In addition, the secure handling of sensitive data and the reduction of human error contribute to the optimization of workflows,” Wendl concludes. “This reduces costs and increases competitiveness – two points that can be crucial for the survival of a company, especially in times of high inflation.”


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