In-house search engines in vogue: searchIT is looking for sales partners

Enterprise search engines – i.e. software that allows employees to conveniently search through many data sources such as file servers, e-mails, websites, and much more in order to find the right content and files more quickly – is in vogue and will continue to be a strong growth market in the future. Especially in times of Corona, GDPR and big data, technologically sophisticated knowledge management is an advantage. In this promising environment, the manufacturer of the enterprise search software searchIT is currently looking for sales partners to offer the software more broadly. In the following, we will show you current market and technology developments, as well as opportunities for sales partners.

Need for Enterprise Search Software

Currently, many developments are making enterprise search software increasingly attractive in a corporate context. “This is because many companies have an increased need to find and use data effectively and to engage in active knowledge management,” says Christoph Wendl, Managing Director of Iphos IT Solutions, the manufacturer of the company’s internal search engine searchIT. “In this way, challenges such as Corona-related communication barriers and loss of knowledge due to home office and employee turnover, or GDPR requests as to which personal data and where it is stored throughout the company, can be handled better and faster. In the future, too, organizations will be able to cope with the flood of data in this way – keyword big data and information society.” All in all, this saves working time and costs, increases productivity, improves knowledge management and offers automation of manual processes. For example, incoming emails can be automatically categorized by content by the search engine using artificial intelligence and forwarded to the right departments. In this promising market, the enterprise search software searchIT is looking for sales partners in all industries and areas who can receive attractive ongoing commissions in the four-digit euro range for every successful referral from searchIT to customers or partners.

High market volume and growth in enterprise search

The enterprise search market is growing rapidly. Compared to 2013, the market has grown by 2.6 times its turnover to 4.5 billion euros worldwide. Informed forecasts and studies assume sales of 7.9 billion euros in 2024. Google statistics show that the topic of enterprise search is also in high demand in the DACH region. For example, terms such as “search engines” (59000 search queries per month), “enterprise search” (270), “full-text search” (600), or “knowledge management” (5580) are often searched online. “We definitely notice this in sales at searchIT,” says Wendl. “Many well-known large companies such as Samsung, Allianz, NÖGKK and the Technical Museum the product is very well received in Vienna. In addition, we have been able to win well-known large and small companies as customers within a very short time since the market launch.”

State-of-the-art technologies, many applications and industries

Today, enterprise search software covers many use cases that go beyond simply searching for content in a wide variety of files and data sources. The reason for this is the technology behind it. As soon as data content (full-text search) is indexed, e-mails, for example, can be categorized into offers, support requests, or terminations using artificial intelligence and automatically forwarded to the appropriate departments in the company. Other exemplary use cases include automated media monitoring including sentiment analysis, the automation of GDPR requests and reports, the creation of data archives, and many more. Since almost all industries have knowledge-intensive areas, the search engine finds good areas of application in many industries – from industry and services to universities. Thanks to innovative infrastructure technologies, search engines are usually implemented relatively quickly and without much effort at the customer’s site.

Strong commissions and opportunities for distributors

searchIT’s sales partners benefit from extremely good conditions. “searchIT is preferably sold in the form of monthly license fees, whereby the software is easy and quick to install and operate. For large companies, order volumes in the five-digit range are the rule, with one-off large amounts for individual development and ongoing monthly license fees,” Wendl knows. “With revenue shares in the double-digit percentage range on one-off and ongoing projects, the commitment pays off relatively quickly for our partners.” In addition, there are advantages such as regional exclusive distribution for metropolitan areas, a wide range of marketing material that is made available, and much more.


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