Intelligent website search as the key to more conversions

With Enterprise Search to a comprehensive and more user-friendly search function for the website – Business websites and online stores usually require significant investment in terms of design and content. This makes it all the more frustrating for companies to find that their websites are not performing as expected. High bounce rates and low conversions are a common problem. Often, however, this is not due to visibility on external search engines, but to the quality of the internal website search. Standard search functions are often not sufficient to meet the needs of companies. In this article, we want to show how the integration of an enterprise search solution can significantly improve the quality of the search and thus the user experience at the same time.

Working from home

In the field of e-commerce, search is not only a useful feature – it is the backbone of a successful webshop. A recent Statista study shows that almost three-quarters of online customers rate the search function on websites as decisive for their purchase decision, even ahead of other factors such as the design of the shop. “If you work with a below-average search function here, you risk high bounce rates and miss out on valuable conversions,” says Christoph Wendl, CEO of the Austrian IT company Iphos IT Solutions.

More conversions through enterprise search

Finding the right information with a standard website search function often feels like looking for a needle in a haystack. In contrast, a successful website search function should quickly deliver the most useful results for each user query.

Content visibility is greatly improved by implementing a powerful search solution based on an enterprise search engine. The result is more interaction opportunities to draw users’ attention to further content or – in the case of online shops – to complete a purchase. In addition to displaying the most relevant results, Enterprise Search also draws users’ attention to similar products and information. An enterprise search solution like searchit uses artificial intelligence to recognize higher-level topics in all files and classifies them automatically. The user receives related articles, pages or products that further advance the customer journey.

Enterprise Search also offers the possibility to personalize the search results based on a user’s individual profile. For returning shop visitors, this means that products that are particularly suitable for them are displayed first, which is reflected in higher conversions.

Search all file formats and content, including websites

Search functions, such as those provided out-of-the-box by most CMS providers, often have only limited performance. This is particularly noticeable when it comes to browsing forms or product documentation that are available in Word format or as PDFs. Standard website search functions can often only search the content of the specific web pages. In contrast, an enterprise solution can integrate multiple data sources – from different websites (multi-website search) to intranets and databases – and file formats. Browsing Word documents, Excel files, PowerPoint presentations, and more is no problem.

PDFs can also be searched with an Enterprise Search-based Website Search feature, even if they are scans. Searchit uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to make the contents of pictorial files searchable via full-text search. A function that is an advantage especially for online archives.

Predict what users are looking for

AI algorithms enable the search searchfunction of the website search function to be automatically completed and with “Did you mean…?” functionality makes it possible to find the right content even with incomplete or even misspelled terms. “Especially for webshops, a search function that displays products even with typos is the be-all and end-all when it comes to conversions,” says Wendl from experience.

Advanced analytics for new product ideas

More than just search terms and click numbers – with an enterprise solution, companies gain detailed insights into user behavior and can thus also identify unfulfilled search queries. “An enterprise search engine can give companies detailed insight into the needs of their customers. Are special colors in demand right now? Are there any products that are apparently missing from my assortment but are constantly being sought? The analysis tools that are integrated into the backend of a website search with Enterprise Search provide profitable answers to these questions,” explains Wendl.

No extra work for website administrators

Conversions or not, when considering integrating new software, the effort involved is often a key point. “As a managed service, searchit includes a comprehensive range of support. The setup and setup of the Enterprise Search-based website search is handled by the technicians at Iphos IT Solutions,” Wendl concludes. “Companies can use it to customize their website search function to meet their specific needs, ensuring that it meets the needs of their customers. And that’s the key to more conversions.”


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