Enterprise Search vs. Windows Explorer

“Why should I use an enterprise search? My computer already has a built-in search function.”

Many mistakenly understand an enterprise search engine only as an alternative to the existing Explorer search. An enterprise search engine links a wide variety of sources with each other in order to be able to search them homogeneously. This means that documents on file servers, mail servers, cloud storage and more can be searched centrally with just one search query.

Working from home

Search almost all sources with searchit !

With searchit , you can find anything, anywhere. This is because the search engine can be connected to many data sources in your company.

Our search engine for full-text search & enterprise search offers powerful standard connectors with which you can search almost all sources in your company out-of-the-box. With more than 30 input and output connectors, searchit searches numerous sources and can easily output data to you in different applications and locations. The special authorization connectors ensure that your employees only find what they are supposed to find.

In addition, our specialists for enterprise search engines develop individual interfaces for your specific requirements if required. Because your needs come first!

You can find the full list of our connectors here: searchit-enterprise-search.com/suche-quellen-konnektoren/


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