searchit 2.6: These are the new functions of the established enterprise search software

Since the launch of the enterprise search software searchit in 2017, the Viennese software manufacturer Iphos – the company behind searchit – has already been able to convince many customers in the DACH region of the functions and added value of the search solution. With this year’s release, version 2.6, the range of functions of searchit has been expanded. New plugins for the search engine bring additional ease of use and other interesting features.

Working from home

Reducing the time required to search for and open documents – this is the task that Iphos IT Solutions has set itself with the searchsoftware search it . By connecting almost all data sources available in companies, searchit represents a central search interface across many decentralized sources. For example, data can be searched simultaneously via all connected sources using the fast full-text search and the desired content can be found quickly. Especially in the home office, many companies saw an enormous facilitation of knowledge and document management through searchit’s central search.

Optimized knowledge management through annotations

A new feature of searchit that is aimed at improving knowledge management is the ability to annotate search results. These can contain correction suggestions, to-dos, ideas for a revision and notes of any kind. The annotations can be viewed in real time by colleagues and can also be searched and found in search queries.

Improved accessibility

searchit 2.6 improves the accessibility of the web interface. The interface has been optimized to support a larger number of screen readers for users with visual impairments – a big step towards accessibility.

Not just a search

However, searchit not only offers a convenient search with numerous, intuitive filters that are constantly being expanded. Thanks to various automations in file handling and data classification, as well as functions for checking data integrity, searchit is a full-fledged document management system and can also be used cost-effectively in the area of long-term archiving.

Storage space management and duplicate search

“The ever-growing amount of data and documents that companies are confronted with every day was one of the main motivations for the development of searchit,” says Christoph Wendl, CEO of the Viennese IT company Iphos IT Solutions. “This is not only a burden for the employees, but also for the technical infrastructure. With version 2.6, we have now created a way to save resources here. The “Storage Management” plugin helps companies to keep storage costs as low as possible.” Using an algorithm specially developed for the searchit plugin “Storage Management”, all connected documents are checked for duplicates. The algorithm calculates a so-called checksum for each document and stores it in the index – if a checksum is available multiple times after indexing, these are exact duplicates of a document. Even if the copy of a document has been moved to a different location or renamed, searchit can detect that it is a duplicate.

With the storage space visualization, searchit also scores in the graphical representation of the occupied data storage. Regardless of whether the division of duplicate documents is to be displayed as a percentage or based on the memory required for it – the storage space management plugin enables a structured tidying up of data stores. This means that this thankless task is no longer left to the IT administrators alone. Specialist departments can also quickly and easily find duplicate documents and make deletion requests for copies that are no longer needed. The deletion of files can optionally be carried out using a 4-eyes principle: Each deletion request must be approved by an authorized user.

“Finding duplicates was a request from customers that was often brought to us. This is where a lot of storage space is lost in most organizations. This costs money in the purchase of additional infrastructure, but also for the energy costs during the ongoing operation of the servers and storage solutions. In times like these, this is an essential factor,” Wendl concluded.


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