searchit 3.0 – New release of the popular enterprise search software scores with strong functions

Central access to files from decentralized sources, such as file and mail servers, forms the core of the AI-based enterprise search software searchit. In the current release, searchit has been equipped with a clear gallery view for image files, graphical thumbnails for document previews and improved accessibility through an optimized interface for the text-to-speech tool ReadSpeaker. Additional functionalities such as automatic search suggestions as well as other filters and connectors make searchit even more user-friendly.

Working from home

The presentation in the cloud, the client’s correspondence in the e-mail archive and the meeting notes on the company server – everyday digital work requires the storage of files in numerous sources and behind long paths. The search for the right document can become a lengthy undertaking. As an in-house search engine, searchit makes it possible to search through large amounts of data in all connected sources in a matter of seconds. “Companies of all sizes are confronted with a growing flood of data and thus also with the challenge of managing it. Our aim was to create a search engine that was powerful and easy to use,” says Christoph Wendl, CEO of Iphos IT Solutions, the company behind searchit. “The user-friendliness of searchit has already proven itself in daily use for many years. By developing new features and regularly updating them, we ensure that our customers reap the benefits of automated processes and the time they save when searching.”

Everything at a glance: New gallery view and thumbnails in the results display

In the new release 3.0, the enterprise search software searchit provides an even clearer search of photos and graphics. For example, the special searches now offer a module for a responsive gallery view, in which files stored in native image format can be displayed as thumbnails and filtered according to the different image formats. The attractive and compact presentation offers an optimal overview of the available image material.

The result display of the document search has also been improved in the current release by the integration of preview images. This feature allows users to get a visual preview of the search results instead of generic icons. For users on the desktop, the thumbnail is also enlarged when mouse-over. “This makes it much easier to identify relevant content,” says Wendl. “Users with a penchant for pictorial representations of documents will also enjoy the ability to display all search results as images via the view menu.”

Automatic search suggestions for more relevant search results

The search functionality of searchit scores in the new release with two enhancements for more relevant search results:

While typing, various search term suggestions – ranked according to relevance and similar spelling – are offered through auto-completion. Especially for longer search terms, this not only saves time, but can also avoid possible typos.

However, automatic search suggestions can also be found in the newly implemented “Did you mean …?” functionality of searchit again. If no documents are found for the search query made, the software suggests similar terms that promise more success and lead to more relevant search results.

More accessibility through text-to-speech

To make it easier for people with visual impairments to use search engines, the searchit web interface now also supports the ReadSpeaker software. The text-to-speech tool automatically generates speech output and makes the search functionality on the websites of searchit customers a bit more accessible.

Regular cleanup for high-performance searches

Old, unused files occupy important storage space that needs to be used better. With the new Clean Up function, the index is now cleaned once a week and, among other things, freed from unnecessary ballast such as thumbnails for documents that are no longer linked. “The search is faster and more performant,” explains Wendl. “After all, who wants to wait longer than necessary for the results of their search queries?”

Targeted search for file extensions and more

Numerous intuitive filters support users in finding the desired information via searchit’s full-text search. With a new filter, it is now also possible for them to search specifically for file extensions such as .exe, .pdf, .doc, etc. File extensions outside the standard selection are also available and are particularly suitable for efficient searches with this filter option.

Release 3.0 brings a lot more useful features and extensions. Among other things, the search of SharePoint and Exchange has been made possible by a new O365 connector and responsiveness on mobile devices has been improved.

What the future holds – even more AI features for even more user-friendliness

In order to be able to offer innovative features, the functionality of searchit is continuously being worked on. “AI algorithms are already being used in searchit , for example to extract topics from indexed data or to classify files using automated tagging,” Wendl concludes about the work already taking place behind the scenes on future features. “The future will bring some very interesting features for searchit . We are currently working on the integration of computer vision for our enterprise search software. Image content is automatically recognized and classified in order to make it possible to search image stocks more quickly.”


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