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Our service mindset for your search solution – As a provider of enterprise search software, our managed service consistently provides optimal support in terms of installation, maintenance, development and much more!

The enterprise search solution – immediately on

Plug in, configure, crawl data sources & off you go. Our enterprise search engine technicians take care of the initial installation. So that you can become productive quickly.

Maintenance of your enterprise search tool

Our technicians offer state-of-the-art search engine maintenance contracts optimized to your needs and fast, uncomplicated support.

Individual development of enterprise search

As an internal company search engine, searchit highly functional & powerful. An experienced development team is available to meet your special requirements.

Further development based on user feedback

We are constantly working on improving our Enterprise Search Solution and developing new features. The focus is on the feedback and requirements of our customers.

“For us, the best support as a basic setting means comprehensive customer service.”

Ing. Christoph Wendl, CEO, searchit

Our search engine support offer

If necessary, you will receive support that is economically and technically tailored to your needs.


Fast & reliable customer support


If you need quick help, our technicians will be happy to give you a call on our hotline. Alternatively, you can easily and easily create a ticket online and can access past support tickets at any time.

Change management as a managed service


Your company is evolving and searchit adapts. Our development team is happy to adapt the services of your enterprise search solution to meet new requirements.

Branding your Enterprise Search Solution


Make an impression with the right branding. If desired, we can also visually adapt the search solution to your corporate identity.



To get the most out of the searchit-We are also happy to provide you and your employees with training if required.

Early error detection


The event log enables the smooth use of your enterprise search solution. Through the automated evaluation of monitoring messages, errors are corrected before they become a problem.

A backup for all cases


We implement your ideal data backup strategy. By connecting to cloud or local backup systems, your data and search indexes are preserved and you are prepared for any (failure) event.

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