All information <br> always at hand

Save time by having all the information at hand at all times – whether it’s contracts, current legal texts, statements, etc. The diverse connectors and functions for search, analysis and automation allow you to include many internal (network hard drives, cloud shares, accounting, time tracking, etc.) and external (websites, wikis, intranets, etc.) sources. Quite simply.

Cost efficiency from the first moment

searchit law edition helps you save costs. Whether with optimized contract management, the integration of various legal databases, comprehensive automation (e.g. make scans searchable, categorize documents and incoming mail, etc.), and analyses. More cost efficiency right from the start. We promise.

Increased productivity through a wide range of applications

Use searchit law edition in many areas of everyday law firm life and increase the productivity of your employees. Examples of the wide range of possible applications are contract management, business process monitoring, legal research, document management, controlling, employee monitoring, time recording, and much more.

Calculate savings with searchit

*Based on experience and measurements, the average cost savings with searchit is 70%.






Fast full-text search


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increase Productivity

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searchit law edition

The wide range of industry-specific functions for lawyers is convincing.

Contract Management for Lawyers

Naturally, as a lawyer, you have to manage a large number of contracts and documents on a daily basis. Finding contracts or text passages quickly is a significant time and thus cost factor. The larger your contract collection, the more you will benefit from the full-text search and document management with searchit law edition.

searchit law edition not only supports you in your search for a contract, but also helps you to search through all other information such as emails, meeting notes, file notes or third-party databases at the touch of a button. A variety of sources can be tapped – see connectors.

Search à la Google

Similar to an Internet search engine, you can limit the collection of information in seconds by combining search terms. You can work with logical filters, such as AND-OR links, but also with exclusion criteria. In addition, a lot of metadata, such as authors, senders, recipients, creation and editing data, file types, etc. can be extracted from the documents and files, which can also be used as filter criteria.

Categorizing Document Collections

Imagine that you receive a conglomerate of documents and files from a client and have to structure it. searchit law edition can do this for you fully automatically. The classification plugin makes it easy to structure existing file collections. searchIT law edition automatically extracts meta information from the documents and then categorizes the documents according to them. It creates your own folders per author, year of creation (divided by months) or by language, file types (e-mails, Word files, Excel files, etc.) or even by search terms and extracted topics (see next point).

Discovering Commonalities through AI

By using artificial intelligence, i.e. AI algorithms, so-called “topics” can be extracted from a set of documents. The AI algorithm tries to establish connections between the documents and declare them as topics. These topics help to automatically group large amounts of information.

Also browse scans

Scanned documents and images can also be searched with the help of searchIT law edition. An OCR (Optical Character Recognition) algorithm is used, which enables text recognition in scanned documents. After performing text recognition, recognized texts can also be marked in PDF scans and can thus be extracted and further processed with copy-paste.

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