Reduce the time spent searching for documents in the home office

Lockdown follows lockdown, discussions on mandatory home office where possible in order to limit non-essential contacts and reduce mobility – Corona continues to have a firm grip on the world. Many companies have heeded the call to let their employees work from home, but complain about declining productivity in the home office. That doesn’t have to be the case. Enterprise search solutions such as searchit can drastically reduce the search effort.

Working from home

Search effort in the home office increased

“The IT infrastructure of many companies was not adapted to the decentralized work situation that the pandemic has brought us. This started with missing or not optimally configured terminal servers and company notebooks, and went all the way to security issues in communication. Access to data and documents was also more problematic,” reports Christoph Wendl, CEO of the Viennese IT company Iphos IT Solutions and developer of the innovative enterprise search software searchit . “Many of our customers have reported in recent months that searching for files and content in the home office has become more difficult, that much more time is spent searching for files and content than was the case on site in the offices.”

Enterprise Search Software Saves Time and Money

Enterprise search solutions, such as the company’s internal search engine searchit, which not only provides a fast full-text search, but also support in document management and data classification, among other things, can provide a remedy here. “Our experience has shown that the search effort in companies and organizations can be reduced by up to 70 percent by using enterprise search software. This brings significant savings in working time and, of course, money,” Wendl knows. “Especially in the home office, where you can’t quickly turn around to a colleague and ask where he or she has saved the last offer, the annual report from 2020 or another document, a full-text search with intuitive filter options and a quick preview makes daily work easier. The automated classification of scanned letter mail with forwarding to the affected employees is also a real benefit, especially in times like these,” Wendl continues.

Save time when opening documents

searchit not only quickly finds what employees are looking for from their workplace at home, but the time it takes to open the documents they find is also significantly shorter. Tests of the searchsoftware search it have shown that users can save up to 36% of the time it takes to view a document. “It pays off quickly,” says Wendl. “Especially when you consider how much time it takes to find the right document or version of the right document in the traditional Windows search alone.”

Decentralized search for many applications

It is not only the home office that makes fast, decentralized access to documents necessary. Thinking beyond the pandemic, a fast search of all company data is also advantageous for use via mobile devices on the go. Whether it’s sales employees who want to have all the necessary customer or contract data quickly at hand during an appointment, or project managers who need access to correspondence, plans, etc. on site on construction sites – a top enterprise search solution helps to save time and money in many situations.

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*Based on experience and measurements, the average cost saving with searchit is 70%.


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