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On the phone, the new colleague from the sales department asks for a cost estimate that is said to have been emailed to a customer sometime in the course of the last year. He would need it. Now. Right away. Quickly typed the customer name into the search field in Outlook, enter and – nothing! “Outlook cannot perform your search” is said again. Do you know? Unfortunately, so do we.


The Outlook search is relatively simple, an extensive mailbox, large archives, a new Windows update – the reasons for malfunctions are manifold. Sometimes, it is possible to fix the email search issue by restarting Outlook. Software updates help if a previous update was the problem for Outlook not finding anything or not all mails, folders, contacts, etc. Occasionally, a re-indexing of all mails is necessary. Depending on how long and well you have been in the business, indexing can take a lot of time. More time than you have available if the new colleague is urgently waiting for this cost estimate. Now. Right away.

Apart from the functionality of the email search in Outlook, which has been overridden by update bugs, many users also have a problem with the efficiency of the program’s own search function. Too slow, the filter options are inadequate, the returned hits are often too high to find what you are looking for really quickly. Even Outlook often reacts to an excessively high hit rate by saying that too many results were found for display.



So what can you do? Well, you can stoically hope that Microsoft will package a reasonably satisfying quick search for Outlook at some point in the future. Or you can do what we did and rely on the AI strengths of an external search engine. Ok, of course, you don’t have to do exactly what we did. With searchIT, the intelligent search engine for companies, we have already done the development work for you. All that remains for you to do is to decide in which range of functions and whether you want to use our software as a ready-to-use appliance, as an installation on-premise on your own servers, a virtual machine or hosted in the cloud in the searchIT data center.



searchIT indexes the data of your various company data sources, from file systems to websites, collaboration platforms such as SharePoint and many more to e-mail applications such as Outlook (Exchange Server) or from other sources (e.g. external mailboxes and, if authorization permits, also from document management systems) in real time. You enter your search term, and searchIT’s intelligent full-text search provides you with the right results in fractions of a second. The graphical and text filters allow you to further refine your search query. Whether from a PC in the office or on a smartphone and tablet on the go – finding has never been easier. The flexible authorization system ensures security and data protection – every employee in the company can only find what they are allowed to find. So you don’t have to worry about compromising the confidentiality of your emails. Outlook search was yesterday, the future belongs to searchIT.


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