The high-end search engine

searchIT is a top search engine that is suitable for many industries and use cases due to its functions and flexibility.

One search appliance – many use cases

The diverse use cases of searchIT convince.


Document search

Are you looking for a perfect full-text search to specifically search for file content? Then searchIT the right solution for you. With searchIT you can search through millions of files in a fraction of a second. Hundreds of different file types such as Word, Excel, Powerpoints, PDFs, etc. are supported.


Document management

Manage your documents with a state-of-the-art AI-based search engine. The numerous functions of searchIT offer you quick, intuitive access to your documents in a variety of sources. Compared to traditional document management software searchIT a lot of advantages.


Intranet search

Modern companies use a variety of information systems, such as intranet websites, wiki systems, mail servers, document management systems but also collaboration platforms or file servers. In order to make the information contained therein centrally accessible and retrievable, an efficient intranet search (also enterprise search) is required.


Knowledge Management

Easily manage and share information across your organization with our knowledge management search engine. searchIT searches for and finds the data from its sources and does not require complex organizational or infrastructural changes. searchIT can be used as research software for your employees when integrating appropriate search sources. You can easily keep an eye on your knowledge and are always up to date.


Customer service

Your employees will find relevant data for and about customers more quickly. This increases customer satisfaction and creates more capacity for other tasks.



With the machine learning algorithms from searchIT Classify your search results fully automatically according to metadata. Or you can automatically cluster the search results in a semantically meaningful way. In conjunction with automated further processing, your company can save valuable time and costs.


Product Search Engine

Whether for online shops, large warehouses or other companies with digitized product databases: With searchIT you have a clear overview of your products even with extensive databases. Find and organize categories of products, define your own search dimensions and find the right thing at any time. Quick and easy.


Press Review

searchIT automatically scans and indexes a wide range of online sources of your choice. You can get an overview of topics and online publications in major media outlets and search them easily. With just one software and in no time.


Online industry updates

Compile and search the latest industry trends automatically from online sources. Automated clustering according to topics by the search engine supports you in this.


Search your own online sources

Browse your own sources and use them searchIT for example as an intranet search engine to search internal wiki, as a website search engine and much more. Very easy.


Monitor competitor websites

Do you know what your competition is doing? We know – for you. searchIT crawls online media - such as websites - of your choice and lets you search them. Topic-based (semantic) clustering of search results gives you a quick overview of your competition's activities.


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