searchit 2.5: Feature Upgrades for Renowned Enterprise Search Software

The past two years have shown how important it is for companies to provide information in a decentralized manner. This is because home office and different attendance times in the offices have made the exchange of knowledge and work documents much more complicated. One way to improve this situation is to use enterprise search solutions. With the help of these internal search engines, all the knowledge available in the company can be made accessible quickly and easily. With the new version of the searchit search engine, the Viennese software manufacturer Iphos brings companies even more features and advantages. For example, it will be possible to make the intuitive search options and filters of searchit available via a website search function.

Working from home

The searchsoftware search it , which is well established on the market, has received a feature upgrade in its version 2.5, with which the world of enterprise search can also be opened up to customers and people outside the company. In this way, information about the website can be made available to the appropriate users in a simple and intuitive way that can be filtered. The optimized service and support not only improves customer loyalty and satisfaction, but also relieves the burden on employees and thus frees up time for more important tasks.

Multi-website search function with searchit 2.5

Whether it’s a city administration or a law firm, almost every organization now has at least one website where the data is collected. Thanks to the 2.5 upgrade of the searchsoftware search it, it can now also be used as a multi-website search. This means that all available information on all of the company’s websites can be searched centrally by customers and employees. The software can be integrated into any existing website as a search bar and continues to offer all the features known from searchit , such as a full-text search and intuitive search filters. In order to be able to better provide customers with certain content, it can be specifically defined which documents from external sources such as data servers or cloud storage should also be indexed for website searches.

See what’s important right away

Together with the new multi-website search, searchit introduces another new feature that uses artificial intelligence to recognize the topics of all indexed documents and pages and output them in a tag cloud. This allows users to see directly during the search to which topics the results found fit. Thanks to the graphical presentation, it is possible to see at a glance how often which topic is present. With this function, search results are no longer tied to whether certain terms are present in the documents.

Citizen Service, Legal Lexicon, …

The areas of application of an enterprise search engine extend across all industries, so the new website integration also offers numerous possible applications. Whether as a citizen service for cities and municipalities or as a legal encyclopedia for customers of a law firm, searchit can be used to determine in the company which information should be searched and found during the website search.


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