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With professional knowledge management software, your employees don’t have to constantly reinvent the wheel. This saves you time and money. Manage knowledge efficiently but easily – with searchIT !

Find with pinpoint accuracy

In practice, however, the restructuring process of information and information flows is very time-consuming and associated with many obstacles. The introduction of new technologies often fails due to a high degree of complexity and low acceptance by employees, who have become accustomed to established storage methods and processes such as file servers for years. Our simple and flexible DMS software “searchIT” provides a quick remedy here.

Unexpected costs

Long conversion processes entail high indirect costs. The often mandatory collection of metadata, such as the assignment of keywords or categorization by tags, is also very time-consuming during operation. We reduce costs in operation as well as in the purchase of the DMS system.

searchIT - the solution

To solve the problem of the quick and targeted findability of documents and files, better methods are already available, such as the use of internal company search engines. Similar to what has been common practice on the Internet for decades, the search engine searchIT enables the searchability of large volumes of documents and information within the company.

Our solutions

Document management reimagined

It is irrelevant where the files and information are stored and which filing system was used. Millions of documents can be searched in a fraction of a second.

DMS software with many data sources

An additional advantage of the search engine is that many different sources can be searched. Whether it is file servers, databases, email servers or other information systems, searchIT can index almost any information source.

Inhomogeneous sources, no hurdle

In contrast to a document management system, the search engine does not force your employees to store the information according to a fixed and limiting scheme. As an advanced software for document management, searchIT extracts information and metadata even from inhomogeneous information sources and then enables structured findability. This is document management rethought.

A wealth of features

Filter by search terms

In order to find exactly the right documents in extensive file collections, various filter technologies are available in the document management software. On the one hand, search terms can be combined or excluded as desired using AND, OR and NOT filters.

Advanced filters in the DMS system

On the other hand, advanced filters are available by file type, size, date, author or geo-coordinates. By connecting individual synonym databases, article numbers can be converted into product names and vice versa in the course of the search in the DMS software, for example.

An advanced DMS software

In addition, artificial intelligence algorithms enable the extraction of topics and the automatic classification of documents (for example, to recognize invoices, offers or complaint emails), which makes it even easier to search and find information.

Structure and Data Transformation

Structuring made easy

In contrast to document management systems, searchit still masters so-called structure and data transformations. For example, an unstructured folder structure of a file server can be converted into a structured folder structure and files can be reclassified based on extracted criteria.

Automation at a high level

New folders are then created according to the classification criterion and the data is classified accordingly. If the new structure is to exist parallel to the old one, you can work with file links (shortcuts), which saves duplication of the data.

DMS for classification: Your benefits

In addition to automatically extracted metadata such as author, date, file type, etc., search term-based classifications can also be used as classification criteria. Through the additional use of artificial intelligence algorithms, document content can be automatically categorized and topics extracted. Use cases would be, for example, the extraction of complaint emails, or the automatic filing of extracted invoices by year.

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