searchIT 2.3 – the search revolution for companies

The company’s internal search engine software searchIT uses artificial intelligence to bring order to the largest file structures. In September, the Enterprise Search Software received a version upgrade. With searchIT 2.3, searching – but above all finding – becomes even more user-friendly.

by | Oct 30, 2020 | searchit Updates

Whether email servers, websites, file servers or various databases, Iphos developed a complete solution for data and, above all, knowledge management with the AI-based enterprise search engine searchIT. searchIT searches and processes internal company information using a full-text search. The high degree of automation, the integration of a large number of search sources, the best security and scalability as well as many additional features guarantee a fast and unproblematic search. The user searches via a central interface in the web browser, which also received an upgrade in the latest release 2.3 in September.

Version 2.3 – Even more features for searchIT

In the latest software version, searchIT gets more features. In addition to the usual performance improvements, Iphos introduces an automatically generated PDF preview, which allows text documents to be displayed in their original layout directly in the search. In order to be able to search particularly long documents more precisely, a “document section search” was introduced. Large documents are split into smaller document areas to avoid endless scrolling when searching. As an example, in the construction industry, long expert reports can be searched in the shortest possible time. With the new Field Suggestions, suggestions in the search bar can be used to search specifically for files in certain fields, for example to find all documents of an author.

Artificial Intelligence – One Step Ahead of the Next Search

In order not to have to work through thousands of documents and data sets, searchIT uses artificial intelligence to adjust the search results. By classifying the data and using multiple filter and search options, the results can be narrowed down. The software is constantly learning through semantic search. The quality of the results delivered increases through this form of machine learning.

Shared knowledge despite physical separation

Knowledge management has never been more important. With physical separation, access to shared documents must be faster and more secure than ever before to prevent duplicate work and save working time. “Of course, the simple retrieval of information alone does not make enterprise search software a platform for knowledge management,” says Christoph Wendl, CEO of the Viennese IT company Iphos IT Solutions. “This also includes the meaningful linking of information. AI algorithms, such as those used by searchIT, are able to extract topics from the indexed data. Documents can be grouped thematically, which makes research tasks easier. But sentiment analyses can also be carried out automatically. Emotions in emails, comments, press reviews, etc. are evaluated simply and from a neutral point of view. Personal assessments of moods – according to recent studies, often less accurate than those of AI – are no longer a source of error, and more efficient processing saves resources. The combination of artificial intelligence with enterprise search makes searchIT an efficient knowledge management tool that has also proven itself in daily use due to its user-friendliness.”


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