Austria is looking!
- Digitalization offensive for government organizations


Due to its great response, the campaign has been extended until the end of 2022 and expanded to 100 communities/cities!

Together with 100 selected Austrian communities and cities, we would like to use the digitization offensive to bring the flood of data associated with the Corona virus under control and show how many resources can be saved by searching and opening files with searchit gov edition can be saved daily. Together with your feedback, we will turn our digitalization offensive into a win-win situation and develop searchit gov edition for you constantly.

Your advantages through searchit


Working time savings


Productivity increase

Knowledge Management

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*Based on experience and measurements, the average cost savings with searchit 70%.


The most important applications at a glance

Be part of digitalization now

Personalized search for every employee

Citizen service (eGovernment) for your citizens

File management in the home office

Keep decentralized data sources under control

Automate your everyday work

Bring order to large file structures

GDPR compliance made easy

Always up-to-date with media monitoring

One search for all your websites

Personalized search
for every employee


searchit gov edition brings personalized search à la Google to your office. Artificial intelligence enables our enterprise search engine to get to know your search behavior and thus adapt the results delivered to you.

Citizen service (eGovernment)
for your citizens


e-Government offers a convenient way to contact authorities around the clock. searchit gov edition allows you to make data and documents easily accessible to the citizens of your community/city. For example, applications and forms can also be downloaded on weekends.

File management in
Home office


Home office, which is more present than ever before thanks to COVID-19, represents a major challenge for many people. searchit gov edition allows you to get your Search documents decentrally. So you always have your data with you.

Keep decentralized
Data sources under control


The data sources for daily work in the office are often scattered and not centrally accessible. Legal databases, land register, population register, municipal archives, correspondence, etc. searchit gov edition makes it possible to search all of these sources via an intuitive interface in the web browser. This means you always have all data in view.

your everyday work life


Whether emails or scanned mail – search categorizes using artificial intelligenceit gov edition Your inboxes based on file content. Incoming emails can do this automated be forwarded to the correct contact persons. OCR technology enables searchit gov edition also search scanned mail. Letter mail can also be automatically categorized according to content and forwarded.

Bring order to large file structures


Whether applications, documents or currently the COVID vaccination register - every municipality and every city is obliged to carefully save and archive countless documents. searchit gov edition makes it possible to search all your existing sources centrally and in seconds - bring you Order your existing storage structure.

GDPR compliance made easy


By the GDPR plugin will searchit gov edition is the perfect tool for managing personal data. At the push of a button you can create cross-source GDPR information or carry out deletions according to the four-eyes principle. Thanks to the integrated history of deletions, you can document that you have carried out them.

Always up-to-date
Media monitoring


searchit gov edition makes it easy for you to see where citizens are currently struggling through integrated media monitoring. Online media and press services can also be integrated, as can YouTube. But it is also possible to observe television stations using a satellite receiver. Searches on specific topics relevant to you can be saved and continuously updated. This way you always stay up-to-date.

One search for all your websites


In order to provide visitors to your website with the best search, searchit gov edition provides a central search function, even for multi-domain websites. This search can be integrated into all of your websites and includes numerous search functions, which make it even easier for users to find documents and content.

Technical framework conditions

As part of the digitization offensive, you have the opportunity to search up to 100.000 documents from the following sources:


File server

Internal websites

e.g. Wiki, Intranet, ...

The following plug-ins are included:



Issue data protection information in compliance with guidelines at the touch of a button, set reminders for editing and deleting, and much more.


Mark documents privately or publicly, search for tags and manage them centrally


In search.'s digitalization offensiveit gov edition is a non-binding trial use of the Enterprise Search Engine that can be canceled at any time for a period of 3 months.

Places left in the digitalization offensive

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