Social intranet with enterprise search


Our managed enterprise search software searchit makes your intranet social. You practice knowledge management and knowledge sharing effectively, are innovative and reduce costs. Very easy.

Interaction on the social intranet

Our enterprise search solution makes your intranet truly social and promotes interaction between employees. Perfectly prepared and personalized information at the point where employees constantly use your social intranet as their first point of contact. All by itself.

Productivity increase

Our enterprise search solution, in combination with a social intranet, noticeably increases your productivity. You can find, filter and process information at the point. The automatic display of prepared information (clustering, sentiment, GEO analyses, etc.) is a given.

Better processes

Improve your processes and procedures with your social intranet enhanced with enterprise search functions. Information and constantly updated statuses from project management tools are displayed and updated automatically. Their processes mesh together like in a well-oiled engine.

Effective knowledge management

Practice effective knowledge management. Our enterprise search solution lets you bring together all information in the social intranet. No matter the source – network hard drives, emails, databases, websites, intranets, project management tools, and much more.

Better knowledge sharing

Your employees share information more easily with Enterprise Search on the social intranet. Because with our system, the right information is always available to the right people. User permissions are also included - because not everyone should be able to find and share everything. This makes knowledge sharing within your company easier.

Find skilled workers

Find specialists and experts in your organization – for your specific problem. Our enterprise search architecture covers content searches in personnel databases and shows you the results in the social intranet.

More innovation

Increase your innovative strength. Our enterprise search system combines the best information preparation with a full-text search across all search sources in your social intranet. – And you become the number one innovator in your industry.

Save working time and costs

Save time and money – be it by avoiding long searches for information or by finding the right experts and project resources within the company. This is more efficiency, which has a direct impact on the budget.

Less duplication of work

Avoid unnecessary duplication of work. Your advanced social intranet shows you existing project resources, avoiding costly and unnecessary additional work. Leverage existing knowledge, experts and resources across departments.

Our solutions


Many search sources

Search your social intranet and find documents from all sources in the company. These include, for example, network hard drives, emails, databases, intranets, websites, online storage such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and much more.

Intelligent full-text search

Our Enterprise Search System gives you an intelligent full-text search that makes searching for content in files an experience. You benefit from functions such as synonym recognition, fuzzy search, language recognition, topic extraction, and much more.

Innovative filters & usability

Innovative real-time search filters and best, intuitive usability turn your social intranet into a center for knowledge management. You can limit searches easily and interactively and see the results presented clearly and in an attractive design. Very easy.

Document clustering

Your documents are grouped fully automatically by our search engine. This allows you to ultimately keep track of everything on your social intranet. You can also automate your workflow using clustering. And your employees will become even more productive.

Content analysis

Perform fully automated content analysis on files. Our algorithms allow you to recognize content and topics in documents fully automatically and display them to you in a summarized and meaningful way. This gives you a quick overview.

GDPR compliance

Achieve GDPR compliance using intelligent GDPR-optimized searches and reports in your social intranet. Our search engine brings you a solution that is impressive. This means you are always legally compliant and without much effort.

GEO search in the social intranet

Search and find spatially. Especially large, geographically distributed organizations can spatially limit searches or displayed content on the social intranet, such as news, organizational documents, and much more, fully automatically. This means that employees at one location only see the things that are of interest.

OCR search in the social intranet

With our Enterprise Search OCR system you get more information on the social intranet. OCR recognizes written content in scans of documents (e.g. in contracts) and makes them searchable fully automatically.


Our search solution for social intranets can be used universally. However, some industries require this in particular.


Knowledge & service intensive industries

Especially in knowledge and service-intensive industries, our social intranet solution supported by enterprise search can noticeably improve customer service and significantly reduce working hours and costs.


Offices & authorities

Offices and authorities have to find, share and process a lot of content in their everyday work. With our system for your social intranet, these tasks become child's play.


Research institutions

Research institutions work very knowledge-intensively. A lot of information needs to be found quickly in various documents. Our search engine is perfect here. In the social intranet, information and documents can be automatically found, listed and shared based on topic.


Medical institutions

Medical facilities in particular need an optimized, constant flow of information. Be it patient data, files, health information, studies, prescriptions, and much more. This becomes child's play on your social intranet.



Lawyers must always have quick and clear access to basic information such as contracts, legal texts, official information, and much more. We guarantee this.



In industry and its complex, relatively large organizations, information is worth its weight in gold. These can be shared efficiently in a social intranet system enhanced by our solution.


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