Site Search Plugin - The perfect onsite search for website & intranet

With the Site Search Plugin from searchit Integrating a search function for your website or intranet platform becomes child's play. Intuitive search and filter functions for your users, even across multiple websites (multisite search). With the searchit Site Search Plugin gives you the perfect onsite website search for your websites.

Your advantages through searchit


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Productivity increase

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The most important advantages of the Site Search plugin at a glance

The Site Search plugin offers you the following features:

Simple integration of a search field on the website using a Javascript snippet

Search the website quickly and display relevant results

Intuitive graphical filters for the search page

Individual presentation of results

Limitation of searchable data areas

Multisite search function

Cross-site topic extraction

Responsive and accessible website search function

Application examples

Site search
citizen service
Intranet search function
Multisite Search
Data as a Service websites

The best onsite search for your website

The best website search function for your onsite site search.


Easy integration of a website search field


With the Site Search Plugin from searchit Integrating a search field into your external website becomes child's play. The search function for websites is simply implemented using a Javascript snippet. By entering search terms into the search field, users can search your website or intranet quickly and easily.

Display relevant results in a flash


With searchit Users of your website or intranet site can find what they are looking for quickly and easily. Relevant results that can be further narrowed using intuitive filters. Our Site Search Plugin offers usability at its best when it comes to searching a website.

Presentation of results


The display of the search results can be individually adjusted using various JavaScript parameters.
This means that the focus of the result visualization can be adapted specifically to the respective user group. Very easy.

Intuitive graphical filters for the search page


The Site Search Plugin has numerous graphic filters, such as tag clouds, which make it intuitive and easy for users to refine the search results according to their individual needs.

Limitation of searchable data areas


searchit provides you with predefined range filters. This allows you to limit the search results displayed to selected data areas. When browsing your website, your website or intranet visitors will only find what they are supposed to find.

Multisite Search


With searchit You can offer your users a cross-site search function. No matter how many websites are to be integrated into the search - the Multisite Search function from searchit lets you find and view cross-page results from a central location.

Cross-site topic extraction


Using AI algorithms, searchit analyze the content of your website(s) and automatically cluster the search results by topic. This means your users can quickly and easily find content that might also interest them.

Responsive and accessible website search function


Whether on a PC, tablet or smartphone – the website search function from searchit is responsive and can be optimally displayed on any device type. The onsite search from search also stands out when it comes to accessibilityit off: the search function can also be easily used by users with visual impairments via screen reader.


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