User Support & Customer Service with Enterprise Search


Enterprise Search for the best user support & customer service. Your support & service employees receive search with our softwareit a state-of-the-art tool to quickly find and share information. Regardless of whether it is technical information, project-related inquiries or contact history with the customer.

User Support & Helpdesk

With our enterprise search solution searchit You get an instrument for fast, agile user support & helpdesk services. You can find the information you need in numerous sources (customer, product, project databases, intranet, accounting, emails, and much more) with content snippets and can quickly filter and restrict them. Very easy.

Customer Support / Customer Service

Fast & uncomplicated customer support / customer service using Enterprise Search Software: no matter what the content-related questions are, you can find quick & well-founded information to provide your customers with targeted support.

Short & Long Term Support

By finding and temporally filtering content in numerous sources (files on network hard drives, emails, customer databases, etc.) you can easily provide short term & long term support with our enterprise search solution. No matter how long the time between the customer's inquiries and support is, time-based filtering allows you to always keep an overview of all the information available about the customer.

First level support

Perfect first level support for your customers. Even with quick first level support requests via telephone, your employees respond with searchit promptly and to the point.

Second level support

Our Enterprise Search System supports maintenance & software installation by specialists in second level support. The associated complexity in 2nd level support requires the necessary information to be found quickly and reliably.

3rd level support

Specialized teams in third level support simply work better when information is fully available. Our enterprise search solution guarantees this is quick, interactive and uncomplicated.

Our solutions


Search almost everything

Better user support and customer service with many search sources. Our enterprise search solution offers numerous connectors. This allows you to search almost all data sources in your company: network hard drives, cloud, Dropbox, emails, databases, and much more. You can find the right data in seconds - very easily - regardless of whether it is a helpdesk, user support, or customer service.

Search technologies for customer service at the point

Our enterprise search solution supports you with the most modern search technologies. This is how you shine in user support and customer service. Functions such as full-text search, fuzzy search, synonym recognition, instant search, auto-search word completion, and much more make the search experience easy and intuitive. You find things faster and more accurately and can therefore concentrate fully on the customer - which makes service much easier.

User support with interactive search filters

Interactivity in finding information is the key to success. Our agile enterprise search solution for user support and customer service lets you filter search results quickly and intuitively, for example using an interactive timeline, by data source, data type, author, and much more. Interactive, fast and available live.

Plugins for more customer service

Our in-house search engine provides extensive and practical search plugins. This takes your customer service to the next level. With the GDPR plugin you remain GDPR compliant. With the OCR plugin you can search scans and images of documents such as contracts. Other plugins such as data clustering, sentiment analysis, geo searches also support you in specific tasks relating to helpdesk & support. Very easy.

Content snippets for faster user support

Our enterprise search solution shows you rich snippets (a short preview of the content with additional information) for the documents found. This allows you to quickly assess the relevance for the customer in the help desk and work on the problem immediately and without interruption.

Intuitive presentation of results

The display of search results is intuitive and immediately customizable. You can switch between lists and tile view and additional information about the respective search result can be displayed directly on the search result entry with a click.

Additional features for user support & customer service


Advanced search of data & content

Our software supports your knowledge management in the company with the latest search technology. These include, for example, technologies such as fuzzy search, synonym recognition, auto-completion with search suggestions, specific plugins (such as OCR for searching in scans and images, geo-search for spatial searches, the GDPR compliance module with specific editing and search functions for GDPR compliance, searches with filters, special searches, and much more. This is helpdesk made easy.


Data Intelligence

View your data intelligently with intelligent clustering, topic analysis, sentiment analysis, and much more. You keep track of things and gain new insights.


Better overview & presentation of results

The boost for your knowledge management: Your employees keep an overview and find important information more quickly with appealing, interactive visualizations, meta data, rich snippets, direct information, various search result views, and much more. Promised.



Your employees mark information they find. This means they can be accessed again at any time with just one click. This avoids time-consuming multiple searches and enables a more effective help desk.


Indexing new data in near real time

Do you need quick access to new information and data on your network hard drives and many other search sources? No problem. searchIT indexes new data almost in real time. This means you are always at the forefront of information in your company and shine in customer service and support.


Many search sources

Knowledge is distributed across many information sources in the company, such as emails, hard drives, clouds, storage, online file sharing (e.g. Dropbox), websites, etc. searchIT covers all common search sources. With one search, you can have a perfect overview of all information from anywhere.


access permissions

Certain groups of employees in your organization shouldn't be able to find everything? That's exactly why our system includes existing user authorizations from your IT infrastructure. This means that sensitive information always remains protected.


Seamless integration into existing IT infrastructure & organization

Due to its flexible, highly automated architecture, our managed service fits seamlessly and effortlessly into your existing IT system. The software also integrates organizationally without any friction points. Authorizations and organizational processes are simply adopted and mapped from your existing organization.


We rely on holistic service and a high-end enterprise search engine. Contact us.