Full-text search for all data sources


Are you looking for the perfect full-text search to specifically search for file content in your organization?
Then searchit the right solution for you. With searchit You can search millions of files on local file servers or archives in a fraction of a second. Hundreds of different file types – such as Word, Excel, Powerpoints, PDFs, etc. – are supported.

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This is how you benefit from full-text search with searchit 

Full-text search works without keywording

Full-text search across all sources

Browse intranet & websites

Search mail servers & PST archives

Filter options in seconds

Search texts in images

Search sources

File server
Mail server

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Full-text search made easy

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Find without additional keywording


In contrast to most conventional document management systems, searchit via a full-text search. This allows the user to also search the file name, storage location and path as well as the metadata of documents. This means that all files can be found in a fraction of a second, even without additional keywording.

All sources in one central search


The numerous connectors of searchit make it possible to search all connected sources with just one search query. Even when searching for a file whose location is unknown, searchit find them in seconds. 

Search inside and outside an organization


By integrating various websites, searchit the perfect tool for searching legal texts, wikis or your own website, for example. Also document management or Intranet systems can be searched using a full-text search.

Search emails and find them reliably


By using a full-text search to search mail servers, the tedious search through thousands of emails is finally a thing of the past. Search can also be found in very large archive mailboxesit the right emails, tasks, appointments and contacts in a fraction of a second.

Numerous content-based filter options


Numerous content-based filter options mean search hits can be limited with just one click. Among other things, highly intuitive graphical search filters - for example for author and storage location - as well as time dimension filters are available. Depending on the type of search, the existing filters are adjusted.

Search image texts with text recognition plugin


By using what is available OCR plugins Texts in images and pictorial PDF files also become searchable. The plugin recognizes all text in the files and saves the recognized text so that it can be marked and copied. For example, scans can also be searched.


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